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You have a Lead…Now What?

by skoda on August 25, 2011

You have a Lead…Now What?


Lead Follow Up Tip #1: Ensure Speed in the Lead Follow-Up


            The critical part is the speed at which you respond to a lead. The important thing is really to be able to call your prospect within forty eight hours. If you do so after the 48 hour period, you will notice a decline in interest towards the product.  Those calls made after seven days may even result to sixty to seventy percent of the leads being uninterested in the business anymore. The significance of the 48 hour period is that that the lead will be more likely to remember the site or the marketing tools he has viewed. Calling within this period also reduces the chances that the people of competing firms have gotten in touch with your lead.  Thus, you will be first in line to present your business to the lead without the distraction of other rival network marketing firms.


Lead Follow Up Tip #2: Follow-up By Specifically Addressing Their Motivations

Each of the person that browses the internet has a certain purpose.  It is thus important to understand human nature because the people navigating over the internet are real people with real motivations.  They have different purposes and therefore have different motivations.  The marketer would thus have to study which buttons to push. To get to know what’s on their mind, the marketer could try looking into the searched terms they encoded and the content that they viewed.  The follow-up call need to refer to the content that they viewed as well as to why they are using the search terms that they are encoding.  This is what will give the marketer insight as to the current state of mind and motivations of the person.


The follow-up call could then directly touch on the reason for these search. It could also dwell on how the company could fill their needs aside from just discussing the content seen in the website. It is also likely that the lead has seen several website content already and cannot even recall which one was yours. It is thus important to have other issues in line that you can discuss and not just the website content. For instance, is he in need of a job? Then, your network marketing business might be able to help. Does he want more control of his time? Your line of business might solve this issue for your lead.


  • This is so true Joseph you must call your leads ASAP!

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