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World Ventures Offers Cheap Luxury Travel

by skoda on September 14, 2013

Cheap Luxury Travel?


Steering ShipI am possibly my most happiest when I travel. There is something about experiencing new places and new cultures that is so invigorating. I think any person can relate to that feeling you get when you wake up early in the morning her bags are packed, you’re ready to go, and you head off to the airport ready to see what adventure and new experiences wait for you. This is a feeling that I know all too well and I am addicted to it.

I think one of the biggest travel tips I could give anybody is that they should not consider the time that they are physically traveling from one point to another as work. By that I mean going to the airport and getting through security, getting on the plane and going through the whole process is part of your vacation. That is all part of the traveled experience and you should embrace it. You should make that plane ride part of the experience by turning it into something that you truly enjoy.

I realize that enjoying a plane ride can be difficult when you’re stuck riding coach and you maybe don’t have all of the amenities that you would like. Well all I can say to that is why are you writing coach? If you don’t like coach then take the necessary action to get yourself a first-class upgrade. Many people do not realize that it is possible to score themselves first-class seats for around $50 to $100 simply by walking up to the flight attendants and asking them if any upgrades are available.  Consider using World Ventures that offers the lowest Published Price Period.


Of course there’s a good chance the fight is going to be sold out and that there won’t be any first-class seats, but for the 15 seconds it takes you to ask this simple question you could score a free upgrade to first class and be writing a luxury for your entire plane ride. Of course asking for upgrades at the airport is not the only way to get yourself cheap first-class airfare.

Another thing that people do not realize they can do is that with many airlines, Delta for example, you can use some of your air miles to upgrade your base fare ticket to first-class. This is how doing this would work. Let’s say that you have a collected about 25,000 miles and you had a long flight from the West Coast over to the East coast coming up. Looking at the cost of tickets you know the you can get a base fare economy ticket for roughly $400 round-trip depending on the time of year.

Now if you just take the time to call up your airline and ask them if there any first-class upgrades of miles you might be pleasant surprise with what you get. For example on deltas website you’ll find that you can purchase a base their ticket from one coast to the other and then use just 12,500 miles each way to upgrade the ticket first class.

That is called luxury travel on the cheap.  World Ventures offers even Bigger Discounts.  Create Wealth even While you Take Vacations!

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