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Why MLSP and Why Now?

by skoda on June 24, 2011

Most people want success in their lives.  But, few are willing to do anything about it.  First, we must define success.  We all know that it can come in the way of money, spiritual, friends or time.  We want it all, don’t we?

Spiritual Success is only between YOU and our Lord and Savior.  He always has open arms for us when we want to talk.  Many of us are too stubborn to listen.  This is true in other areas of our lives where we also desire success.  I was taught at a young age to get good grades to get into college and get that awesome job.   I did all that, but that didn’t bring me success.  I was working all of the time and hardly spent time with my family.  What kind of success was that?  Or worse, what kind of father or husband was I if I didn’t spend time with those I truly loved?


We understand that someone has to go out into the world to make a living.  We got that!  But, why are some afraid to try something on their own.  All successful Rich people either inherited their riches, invested wisely or have a business of their own.  So, what stops the average person who doesn’t have rich family members to start something on their own?  Fear it can only be Fear.  Money can be an issue if you want to start a traditional brick and mortar business like a restaurant, hotel or flower shop.  But, today we have choices to enjoy the same financial success without the large expense of a traditional business.  It’s called Network Marketing.

Network marketing is nothing more than turning strangers into friends and teaching them something of value so that they can have their own successes in their lives.  It’s really a simple concept but many still mess it up.  Too many of us want to find a better or faster way for success.  Let’s face it, there is no “get-rich” quick businesses out there that I know of that are legal.  So stop searching.  Everything in life that is worthwhile takes time and effort.

I believe that if you connect with the best team that truly cares about your success and growth you need to jump on the opportunity right away.  I’ve got involved with My Lead System Pro for that exact reason.  They care about me and my success.  They use the proven Magnetic Sponsoring Model that has helped thousands of people reach their full-potential.  This is a Class-Act Team of Professionals.


The co-founders, Norbert Orlewicz, Todd Schlomer and Brian Fanale put on a Mastermind Retreat in Cancun, Mexico and I was formally invited to take part.  I personally couldn’t think of a better place to mastermind and learn a few things about Network Marketing.  Not only did they give personal one on one time to me and about 20 others, their Executive Mastermind Team of Rob Fore, Tracey Walker, David Wood, Adam Chandler and Ray Higdon stepped up to the plate to ensure we GOT it.  No more excuses that we didn’t understand…. We got valid answers and training to help us through each obstacle.

MLSP’s Corporate Team consists of Jeff Hoffman, Jim Fanale, Cindy Sutton, Roxana Hannah and their main photographer, Chris Lane.   What a Positive Experience it was to work with each of them.  As I’ve said ensure that you get involved with the right team and this is it!  Their technicians worked with all of to ensure that we had the best product out there.  MLSP is truly designed to be a Generic Marketing Platform to help anyone earn money in their own businesses if anyone signs up or not.  Free weekly webinars are given by some of the Top Producers in the Industry.  Contests go on, annual seminars are offered, but most importantly, they care about you and me.

One more note to mention, when you join us you will have the Opportunity to earn up to 19 checks a month.  Not bad … I’d say.  Money from different sources is how the rich stay rich…


As Ray Kroc put it: ” The 2 most important requirements for major success: being in the right place at the right time & doing something about it.”

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