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Why Have a Mentor?

by skoda on July 9, 2016

The Importance of having a Mentor in Your Life



“Whoever holds the fire and doesn’t pass it on is a thief” old Vikings    Skoda Swing


It is an established fact that to achieve great thing one has to work with other people. We need to borrow greatness from other people before we can be great ourselves.

It is in this humbleness that great things begin.

Each and every great person says they trace back their greatness to a mentor even Einstein. The question that comes to mind is what a mentor is and how can he help you.

What is a Mentor?

A mentor is a person with a special key that unlocks your potential and help you reach your dreams. That’s the philosophy. A mentor is a person who has experience in the field you are trying to master and he is willing to let you in. Experience, though an invaluable tool, cannot be purchased off the supermarket. It has to be earned. But the good news is that experiences can be shared as well.  A mentor tell you “where to begin and what to expect on the way.” Mentors spark your fire and allow you to tend to it. They provide you a rare lens through which you see the whole journey even before you take the first step.

How can a Mentor help you?

A mentor can help you in a number of way. Below I have listed a few …..


Help build confidence

When you start your journey towards something new you will feel under confident. Your inner critic will tell you that you are not good enough.  That speck of self- doubt may be small but is enough to devastate you eventually.  Some of us can overcome our self- doubt by pep talk or auto positive suggestion but most of us needs mentor for that. We need reassurance, we need someone to remove those hurdles from our path. It just take some simple words. A little pat on the back, or maybe a small email that you are worth it or you can make it. It is one vote of confidence from your mentor that make or break your deal sometimes.

Help become a resource for you forever

Mentors once they come into your life are there forever. It doesn’t matter if you surpass them in terms of success or money. They are still going to be your mentor for life. Just like our parents. They will always hold that special key to help you unlock your potentials true potential. And they hold that key forever. That is why it is important to keep in touch with your mentors on regular basis.  A mentor is always looking out for you.

 A mentor helps you become a mentor yourself

A mentor‘s aim in life is not to have a kid dotting on them for life. Mentoring is a torch and we have to keep passing it on.  A mentor will try to make you independent of him slowly and then turn you into mentors yourself.  Any good mentor will delegate small tasks to you and will help you see your own potential as a mentor to other kids. Mentoring is a two way street. You gain from your mentors experiences and the mentor gains from the mentored’s youthful creativity


Mentors come in all shapes and sizes.  Do Your research and pick the one (s) that work Best for You!  Most of need ones that help us in Physical, Financial and Spiritual Well-Being in addition to Business and other interests!  Even Vacationing in Style!!!

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