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Why do Veterans Act the Way They Do?

by skoda on July 6, 2011

ALL Veterans have seen something, experienced something, heard something or just plain old know something that they may not want to talk about. Many become introverted and shy away from others, yet many explode and want to definetly be heard.This is a similar story among veterans. Though I’m a Gulf War Vet, I know many that have been to Vietnam or have similar experiences where we feel cheated by our Government Leaders and have become bitter because of this. It’s hard to let go and we often alienate our Loved-Ones because frankly we have a hard-time sharing and relating. Many veterans become alcoholics, drug addicts or just plain loners. We WANT to forget. We often NEED to forget.  The Bottom Line is many of us still live with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and still many will deny it even though so obvious.



On the other hand, many veterans have excelled in society and hold leadership posts in the Senate and in other walks of life. Senator John McCain is one such leader who was once a Prisoner of War in Vietnam himself. Don’t caterogize us. We deal with our stress and even terror in different ways. I strongly believe that EVERY President and Vice-President in the United States should have served our Country in the Military Service First and If I were president I would make it mandatory for ALL young men to serve their nation right after High School for no less than 3-years.

It’s so sad that many people in our own country don’t understand why we are at War.  Spend some time in our shoes and you’ll figure it out.

God Bless America…Freedom Rings because of our troops!

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