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Who is Steering Your Ship?

by skoda on August 30, 2011

So Exactly, Who is Steering Your Ship  — Do You Know?     


Many of us don’t have a clue who is in Charge.  We’ve been told to get good Grades in School so that we can get to College.  Then, we are told to get good Grades in College so that we can Get a Good Job.  Then we get married, have children, buy a house etc…… and go Deep into Debt!

Let’s start off with School.   A good college education can easily costs $20-80k for a four-year degree.  In other words, before you even get that first job you can easily be 80 thousand dollars in debt.  Let’s say you make $25 an hour to start.  In a 40-hour work week that adds up to about $1000 before taxes.  How long before you pay off that student loan while you pay for a mortgage, utilities, spouse, children, car and probably some more credit card debt along the way?

It’s really scary since we know that more and more employers are actually laying off more workers than they are able to hire.  Think about it.  Who is steering your Ship?  The Government, parents or creditors are most likely in charge.  Don’t get me wrong, Education is absolutely necessary to give you an edge in Life.  It doesn’t have to be a Formal School or even Military Training to get you ahead, but you MUST be trained.

I have a College Education and was fortunate to Retire while serving my Country, but I didn’t get real smart until I left the military.  This Veteran found out real quick that my military retirement wasn’t enough to really live on.  I had trouble living on my Full-Time pay so how was I going to live on just a third of it, right?

I really wasn’t all that dumb when I left the military.  I met some very smart people along the way that gave me some good advice about investing and not putting all of my eggs in one basket.  I’m sure that you have heard of these great tips before…..    Fast Forward to NOW (2011).  Wall Street continually loses money in the S&P and NASDAQ arena.  The Housing Market crashed, Currency around the world has lost value and the United States even received a downgrade in their own Credit-Rating.  So, who is steering your ship?

We don’t have the technology for all of to live on Mars or the Moon yet so we better take care of ourselves right where we are at now….  Hell, even NASA is going away!  Step up to the plate and re-educate yourself in the ways of the world.  Soon many will not even be able to afford a loaf of bread let alone send their children to school.  Sad but it doesn’t have to be the end of the world.

I say Trade your Paper Money into something of Real Value.  Let’s say Gold or Silver instead.  Maybe, we can even collect some each month on a regular basis to increase our wealth on a regular basis.  What if we help our friends and family do the same thing.  Collect assets instead of more debt each month.  Would they appreciate you for it?  Of course they will.  This Program has already been put into place and currently pays many people over $40k each month just for sharing with others.

So with this new Information, what are YOU going to do about it?  Let others Steer your Ship still.  Let’s face it, if we don’t control our own lives then what will we tell our children as they get older and have to carry our burden.  Leave a Gold-Silver Legacy TODAY!

                                            So who is Steering your Ship?  It Better be YOU!


  • Hi Joseph,
    This is a great Post.  Investing in Gold and Silver is definitely the way to go…. Great advice.

    • Thanks Mike.  The economy is Bleak and we to collect our own wealth…

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  • robertdorsey

     Hi Joseph. I like your analogy, ‘Who is steering your ship?’. I also like the idea to not put all your eggs in one basket. In marketing, we need multiple streams of lead generation and also income. Good post.

    • Robert. You got the idea. We need to take charge of our own destinies…

    • Joseph Skoda

      That’s Right Robert.  We MUST create our own destinies….

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