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  • sthe

    DreamTrips is the real deal, my friend is been talking about it in South Africa, and i can tell you she’s been on amazing holidays and i was asking myself, how can she afford such expensive vacation, and i remeber seing the sign You should be here and i was like… Sure i shouls be there! on those*** most spectacular places you’ve ever imagine, i am too joining this year so i can experience dream my holiday, i will recommend anyone to join right now here and take a trip of your lifetime withouth emptying your wallet.

    • Joseph Skoda

      This Really is the “Real Deal” I wasn’t sure at first, but am now very glad to be part of this Venture…..

  • Gina

    Now you talking Joseph… this is the real thing right here man and the good thing is, its available for everyone, no metter what budget you have, you can get in… DreamTrips Adventure makes all dreams Possible! you get to experience the vacation you thought you may never ever going to experience, this is it… you, your friend and your family could be on their way to the trip of your lifetime, give it a go, i tell you… you have nothing to loose but to gain and don’t waste no time join VIP- Vacation Club and feel like a celebrity…

  • Well

    Hi Joseph, i like what you are talking about here, i though these type of holiday were, way out of my budget, i see with DreamTrips adventure… it is actually possible for me to take Costa Rica trip me and my friends we’ve been thinking about, we thought it was going to take a long time to save for it, so looking forward to talk to him about this and see what he thinks, for me i am sold, it such a great opportunity to have great holidays at reasonable and affordable price, thank man!

    • Joseph Skoda

      There seems to be something for everyone’s Budget. Almost all of the monthly subscription goes into an account for you to use for an upcoming trip. Way Cool!

  • Ignatia

    This has been my dream to go on a vacation that is exciting, fun and inpiring without breaking the bank, so happy to find DreamTrips adventure, where they do everthing in their power to get you the best price for your holiday, its not just your typical holiday, you can get a five star vacation on an unbearable low prices, you won’t get anywhere else but here… if you choose to join now and begine to live your dream and experiance vip lifestyle, i wouldn’t hasitate if i was you, i will get in and enjoy the leverage of being part of this club and feel life a VIP…

  • Sib

    I see these signs all over internet and facebook saying …You Should Be Here… these people are in the most beautiful places you can imagine, i want one and i am deffinately going to get one and i will be showing it off too, everyone need a good holiday, we all deserve it and here is the opportunity right here to take that trip you’ve been dreaming about, Price is good… its available for everyone, tell your friends and go have fun, i told mine and we all looking forward to go out there and have fun! I won’t miss for the world, i am sold

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