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Veterans ARE Stubborn When it Comes to Benefits

Don’t Be Stubborn – Collect Your Benefits


Many Veterans I come into Contact with haven’t fully collected all Benefits due them.  For example, Many have never used their GI Bill or VA Home Loan Guarantee.  These two benefits alone can help a Veteran Save Thousands of Dollars.  So, why don’t more Veterans apply?



Good Question!  I am mostly confused about reasons why so many won’t apply for VA Disability Compensation.   Are Veterans Stubborn, Afraid they’ll lose their Jobs are are just Misinformed?  Sadly, it’s a little of all…

First, us Vets were taught to just deal with our pain.  So many are too proud to admit that they may have physical or emotional issues.  Some choose to be anti-social and others would rather be intimate with the bottle.

Secondly, many younger Veterans are afraid that they’ll lose their jobs if they are found to be disabled in any matter.  That’s a Crock!  Our Disability Benefits normally don’t interfere with a job that you are currently holding.  For example, maybe you were around hazardous chemicals (ie. Agent Orange) during your Military Service and have developed skin conditions and lung problems.  This is a valid disability that you have and are entitled to compensation for.  You will not lose your job because of it.  Another misconception deals with those of us diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  Many fear that they will lose their jobs or won’t be able to find one.  That Just isn’t True!  PTSD is manageable as are most conditions with proper medication and treatment.  If you do as your doctor says, it won’t affect your employment anymore than a death or divorce in the family.

Some Veterans have applied for benefits years ago and were denied so many of them just gave up assuming that they are not entitled to anything.  That’s a bunch of SH**!  Find your nearest Veterans Service Officer (VSO) 0r Veterans Organization to help you file for benefits NOW.

Ensure that you have your documents ready beforehand.  You NEED Your DD-Form 214 to show Proof of Military Service and it’s a good idea to look for some of those old military medical records that are probably in a box in the basement somewhere to bring with you.

You WILL be seen by a VA (or Representative) for an evaluation.  Be Honest and get outside help if you need it.

Don’t Be Stubborn.  VA Benefits can take several years and it takes patience.  But, compensation is NOT Taxable or reportable.  Make sure that you File Early and find a tax shelter (Gold-Silver) to make those benefits work for you.

One More Point, many Veterans cannot work anymore due to military service ailments or conditions and ARE also entitled to Social Security Benefits no matter How much you contributed into it.  As long as you don’t abuse the system, you can collect from SSA and the VA if you are entitled.

Get evaluated and Apply for Your Earned Benefits TODAY!  Vets-to-Vets was Created for This Purpose.

By the Way, Many Disabled Veterans are entitled to reduced registration fees, reduced fishing/hunting license and even Free Access to Federal Parks.

Once again even though you may be entitled to Social Security or Veterans Benefits, you may (under most conditions) still hold valuable employment.

 You Deserve it…Now Go Get it!  Get The Facts….