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The Finger – Perception

The word for today is “PERCEPTION“… Perception takes many forms. We are what people perceive us to be. We earn our reputation. As a chapter we are proudly receiving attention from local, state, and national government entities. We are 2nd in size in the state and the fastest growing chapter in the United States. “Its a beautiful thing”. Why is that? As a brother hood, we console each other, look out for each other and respect each others family. We respect every-one. We help everyone and deny no one. We are grateful to those that makes us laugh with their jokes and funny internet images.  The same goes for cell phones. We must guard ourselves from every possible negative PERCEPTION in everything we do.  Whether its is a BBQ, a meeting or public event insure that we guard ourselves, our friends, our families from battle damage because of a negative PERCEPTION. Consider PERCEPTION next time you send out and email, image, text or anything else.  Consider PERCEPTION next time you are in public.  Consider PERCEPTION because the PERCEPTION of your decision and actions are a reflection of who are as individuals and as a chapter.  Consider PERCEPTION always!


Check out the latest June 2011 minutes of our last meeting in Guadalupe and make sure that you join ALL of the Veterans Chapters on July 31, 2011 for our First Annual Picninc in Santa Maria.

Also, here’s an excellent article on True American Pride….                                        

Chapter 982 helps veterans all over and can be best reached here:

Chapter President Hank Alfaro

( 805) 529-1313




Our Dedicated Chapter Psychologist:

Dr. Robert Hayes

(805) 481-8766

Both are able to assist you with your disability claims as well as general treatment for any conditions.