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American Legion Values



The poppy coin is not only a poignant of those who have fought and sacrificed their lives, it also helps the legion to carry out vital welfare work, allowing today’s Armed forces, veterans and their families live on to a more hopeful future.  American Legion was founded in 1919 by congress as a patriotic veteran organization devoted to mutual helpfulness.  It was founded on four pillars which are fundamental to the organization.

The four pillars on which American Legion was founded are:


Veteran affairs and rehabilitation                       AL PSA

National security


Children and youth


The goal of American legions is to act as the nation’s leading advocate for proper health insurance, economic opportunity and  legal consultation for U.S. military veterans. As it stood for decades, The American Legion continues to seek for adequate funding of veterans affairs health care, prompt access to modern facilities, fair judgement on benefit claims and economic opportunities for the legions. The American Legion provides professional representation of legion in all areas of concern ranging from claims, appeals, discharge disputes and transition help from active service to civilian status.

American Legion National Convention delegates and  committee members who represent 2.6 million veterans and their families makes a program that guides the operation of the organization. These programs, and its operations, are what allow The American Legion to make a difference locally, and on the state and national levels. These programs are:


Access to Veteran Affair Health Care:  This is one of the major programs of the legion. It helps in providing health care for all veterans who have made sacrifices in serving their father’s land with their blood and sweat. Veteran affairs have undergone evolution in the past 25 years, dramatically increasing the quality of health care supply  beyond that of the private or public sectors. The American Legion  supports efforts to improve services treatment to veteran with special needs, such as: • those who are homeless after discharge from the service. • Those who have sustained brain injuries and/or mental illness. • Those who have suffered multiple injuries • Those who are affected due to exposure to harmful chemical and irradiation presumably linked, to military service period.

Career Opportunities for Veterans:  The Legion’s commission plays  a major part of the Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation of the legion. Education and job opportunities are pushed aside to make time for military service. Career advancement and college educations often are delayed.

Heroes to Hometowns: The American Legion’s help Heroes  to be integrated into civilian lives after services by organizing programs that will help them to integrate easily

Volunteering:  The American Legion is a great  supporter of the  Voluntary Service program. In fiscal 2008, it was reported that over 6,500 Legion volunteers nationwide in VA medical centers, community-based outpatient clinics, Vet Centers and state veterans homes.

Final respects:  The American Legion works with the National Cemetery Administration, and other government agencies in order to give  proper burial and honorable burial services for the veteran.

National security: The American Legion support strongly the protection of national defense, which is reflected in the American Legion Constitution: we safeguard the principles of justice, uphold and defend the Constitution of the country, freedom, and democracy.

Americanism: The American Legion has always been a determined champion of patriotism, dedication and integrity. Upon the pillar of Americanism is the American Legion’s devotion to education and law-abiding citizenship, law and order, the raising of godly youth, remembrances and patriotic to holidays. These are  American Legion’s highest Americanism priorities, U.S. Flag Protection, U.S. Flag Protection, The Pledge of Allegiance and

Children and youth:  the American legion help to strengthen the family unit, to support quality organizations that provide services for children and youth, and to provide programs to the communities that meet the physical, educational, emotional and spiritual needs of young people.


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