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Vets – to – Vets

Hello Fellow Veteran,


I’ve created this Page in an effort to bring light to the disappointment many of us felt when we left the Military.  I personally devoted 21-years to the

    United States Air Force and ended my career at Vandenberg AFB, CA.  I currently still reside in the area.


I don’t care if you spent 21 months, 21 years or even more of your dedicated time of Serving the Nation, we still all have something in   common.

 Broken Promises!

 I was guaranteed FREE Medical Care for the rest of my Life.  It is only free if you have been diagnosed with a disability and that doesn’t necessarily cover all ailments.  In my case, I have to drive 3.5 hours each way to Los Angeles for most of my care.

Anyways, that is one example of how we were short-changed.  I know of many Veterans that have seen combat action and have had comrades killed in the line-of-duty who still are told that they aren’t eligible for even Post-Traumatic Stress.


What a Crock!


Life isn’t fair.  I’ve found out that I had to do something else to ensure my survivability in  this world while waiting for my own benefits to catch up with me.  Fortunately, I have recently found a way to take back what is mine.  Unfortunately, I had to earn it all over again.  But, the benefits are much better now and can be forever-lasting this time.  I had to Learn to “Be All I Can Be.”  (Sound Familiar)


Many of went to school or back to work and can’t afford to retire.  I’m here to tell you that you can.  Let me work with you.  Vets – to – Vets has been created to help fellow veterans get back on their feet and to  use their insight and acumen developed while they served.  Never Stop fighting for your Rights and Entitlements….


That “Get-Going” Attitude can really make you profitable and I’ll show you how to Market and Brand Yourself in these troubling economic times.


You Truly can “Be All That You Can Be“!  It’s time to be Leaders Once Again…..

People need Real Leaders that can help them get out of their Circumstances.

Be One of Them!

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