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Veterans Make The Best Network Marketers

by skoda on April 26, 2012

The Best Network Marketers ARE Military Veterans


Maybe I’m biased since I’m a Military “Air Force” Veteran, but I believe this to be true!  I also think the amount of time one spends in the military is a direct impact on the amount of time it takes one to become successful in Network Marketing or any other Business Venture.  Those that leave the Military sooner are usually “Driven” to  find another occupation quickly.  After all, they just lost their J O B!

One such Entrepreneur I want to mention is Clint Butler.  He’s an Army Veteran stationed in Washington who has strong desires to take his leadership skills to the next level.  Here’s a Quick interview I did with him recently at the “No Excuses Summit” in Las Vegas.

Two More popular Veterans that have had much success are Tim Erway and Tim Sales.  I met both of them at No Excuses also.  They lit up the stage as they always do.  Most of the true value I heard came form military veterans.


When Tim Sales started in Network Marketing, he started off part-time. His full-time job was as an underwater Bomb Squad technician for the U.S. Navy.

He just returned from the first Persian Gulf War and had been in so many life-threatening situations that he thought his luck was running out. He decided to leave the Military for another adventure with Network Marketing.  Today, he is a Coach and Mentor to thousands.



Tim Erway also did some time on the Ocean.  But, it was with the Coast Guard in Kodiak, Alaska after a stint with Burger King.  He now runs the “Must Have” training that Magnetic Sponsoring Provides.

Actually, according to Tim Sales, we Network marketers have it pretty easy.  We pretty much sit back in our easy chair and make phone calls.  Compared to his time as a Bomb Technician, I think he’s right.  Most Military Veterans have learned to Lead by Accepting Responsibility and Taking Action.  We are often sent to foreign lands to fight in conflicts that few understand and we do it with Pride in our Hearts because we just know that we are fighting for “Bigger” Cause than ourselves.

Network and Internet Marketing doesn’t have to be hard.  Brand Yourself properly and you’ll Attract people to you.  Develop a relationship with those people to instill trust and then introduce them to your opportunity.  It’s a Win-Win for all parties.  But, it is very important to leave value.  One way is using relevant content in your articles.  Don’t use Fluff in your presentations and learn to become more genuine.  It’s a skill many of us lost due to our environment of distrust.

Military Veterans have developed skills that many others may never develop and have often had to adapt differently to each new surrounding that they are forced into.  GI Joe is a Leader, an Entrepreneur because he started as a follower.  There were no short cuts to make it to the top.  They pulled up their sleeves and went to work.

Tim Sales, Tim Erway, Clint Butler and GI Joe Marketer, Joseph Skoda are paving the way for others to make their mark.

Follow a dedicated Veteran Leader and you can’t go wrong…..  Love a Veteran Today!


  • How powerful to hear your passions in from your past experiences in why you are doing what you are doing today.  Thanks for sharing guys!  

    • You said it Alecia.   Passion adds belief and trust.  We all need to focus our lives on our passions….

  • Aurore Jones

    Excellent article Joseph, instilling trust and belief in people is very important. Being yourself, yeah, thats the key as well as providing value.

    • Thanks Aurore.   Trust and Belief are important in all aspects of our lives.

  • Hi Joseph, I agree, you have to brand yourself properly. Awesome! Love the interview with Clint. He rocks and so do you. Warmest Regards Shirley

    • Joseph Skoda

      Thanks Shirley.   We all need to learn how to overcome our challenges in Life….

  • Hi Joseph,
    Branding is the name of the game! You must let your audience know exactly why is it that they should be working with you, buying your product or taking advantage of your service.  Great interview with Clint, whom I did not know what a veteran! 

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