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Veterans Love to Collect Numis Coins

by skoda on May 7, 2012

Veterans band together to Collect Numismatic Coins


I’ve been involved with Numis for just under a year.  I thought that I would give it a “Try.”  Sure, I’m an experienced Network Marketer but I didn’t see a future for me in collecting coins.  I know that they have value, but I didn’t quite see the “Big” Picture right away.  Over the past few months, I made it a point to attend as many Numis Universities that I could and to talk with some of the leaders.

I’m glad I did.  Not only did I see many leaders whom I am familiar with already, but I see many Veterans stepping up to the plate.  Over the past two weeks alone, I’ve met fellow Vets from Alaska, Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Mexico, California and Puerto Rico.  Some have dedicated most of their lives to the military while others volunteered for a few years and learned an important skill to take into the Civilian Work Force.

I was surprised at how many Military Officers were also involved.  Take my new friend, John Snider for instance.  We are both retired Air Force Officers.  He is strongly dedicated to the Numis Lifestyle that he (we) could never fully achieve as Military Leaders.  He had other jobs, but he prefers Numis!

Also one of the most talented and enthusiastic person I met is, Army Veteran Jerry Santiago.  He not only served in the Armed Forces he also serves as part of our Border Patrol in Texas.  He is Truly a Servant of the People!

We see more and more Veteran Leaders who love to Collect Numis Coins.  After all, “Coins are Cool.”  We all collect something anyway.  I’ve collected baseball cards, comic books, stamps, posters etc…..  Doesn’t it make sense to collect coins instead?  In Fact, Numis Coins are Graded at the Highest Grade possible (Mint State 70).  They are sent to us as one pure ounce of Silver and Uncirculated and minted from the Top Government Mints around the world.  You could say, that they are “Government Approved.”

Another added benefit is that our collection becomes an instant asset, tax deductable and automatically makes you better looking.  It’s true!  Silver Coins make You Better Looking.


A simple concept of collecting just one Silver Coin a Month and sharing the information with others in transferring depreciated paper money for something of real value is all that we at Numis do.  Even us GIs.  This GI is No Longer going to “Try.”  He is going to make it work by sharing with everyone I come into contact with the benefits we offer….  Because Veterans Understand the Value of working hard and how to use leverage to our advantage when we get involved of something of importance.

We all collect something, Why not Collect Money? 

The Economy Will NOT get better anytime soon.  Protect Yourself and Create, Collect and Preserve Your Own Wealth!


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