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Veterans Collect Assets — at Least They Think They Do!

by skoda on August 29, 2011

All Military Veterans Collect what they believe to be assets.


As a Military Veteran, I found myself collecting things over the years.  I collected China, Crystal, Figurines and Oriental Vases from places that I’ve been.  Many of my buddies collected similar things.

Many of us collected comic books, stamps and cheerleader pictures while we were growing up.  For the most part, our collections disappeared or we’ve just lost interest.  When I first joined the United States Air Force, I was introduced to the ever-popular Savings Bonds.  It sounded good at the time since I really had no savings at all.

Military combat vets often collected weapons of different types to remind them of their sacrifices.  Some of these weren’t such a good idea if they’ve mistakenly brought home live ammunition such as grenades.  The Bottom Line is that Veterans like to collect things.  Nothing wrong with that.  Since we moved or deployed often, many of my things broke or were damaged.  Some collection, eh?

Today, I collect True Value Assets.  I’m actually a Gold and Silver Coin Collector.  Trust me, I know very little about them.  But, I do know True Value when I see it.  The ones I collect can be compared to the Quality, Clarity and Condition of Diamonds.  I don’t just collect coins for their Precious Metal content in weight alone, I look for for the same things that someone looks for in a quality diamond.

Veterans need to stop struggling to get ahead in Life.  We did our time and sacrificed our family often to serve our country.  I’ll never regret the decision to join, but I wish that I was more prepared when I retired.

NOW is the Time to make a difference and Build a Legacy….


  • Anonymous

    Great point Joseph, if you are going to collect something why not make it something that has and keeps value 🙂 ps:  I had a soda can collection as a kid and this article reminded me of that..:)

  • Thanks for sharing your collections.  

  • Anonymous

    awesome post Joseph!

    • Thanks Garry… Rock On!

  • Collecting the right assets is what everyone needs to learn. Great share, Joseph.

  • Great post Jospeh! Thanks for sharing a piece of your life with us 🙂

  • Hey Joseph, great post here! It’s always fun to collect things especially objects of value. I remember when I was a kids collecting Pokemon cards. LOL That was fun. Thanks for sharing this and for reminding me of the collecting hobby. Keep it up! 😀

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