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Vacation in Style

by skoda on July 16, 2016

How To Enjoy A Vacation In Style


So, you already completed the required arrangements for your next vacation. You’ve been waiting a long time for this break from your normal day-to-day activities.  Now, do you think you should just sit back and enjoy your time until the final day of your trip comes?  Most people make the airfare and hotel arrangements ahead of time but often fall short of proper planning for all of the activities to make Great memories with.



Take for example a trip abroad to London, England.  It isn’t cheap to fly there from the United States or any country outside of Europe.  But, do you know if you want to see the famous Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace you need to do some research ahead of time.   It is not performed 365 days a year and in inclement weather everything is inaccessible.  BTW, there is a Hard Rock Café across the park from the Palace for added benefit if your hungry.  But, what if you wanted to take a Double Decker Bus through London and experience the Theaters, local breweries and the Thames River.  These extra activities aren’t usually included with your vacation and can cost quite a bit more if not arranged in advance.


Maybe, you’ve never been to Las Vegas, Nevada and want the full experience since you’re not sure if you’ll ever be able to visit again.


You go through your checklist:


Airfare         –          Check

Hotel             –           Check

Tour Bus     –           Check


But, What about trip to the Hoover Dam or Helicopter Ride over the Grand Canyon?


These can be expensive add ons if you don’t have a plan in place ahead of time.


Now think about my favorite past-time:  SCUBA Diving.  It’s a lot more relaxing when you book a trip that picks you up at the airport and take you to a hotel where a trip is planned the next day on a boat with all of your gear in place that you did NOT have to pack.  That relieves a lot of stress in most vacations.

Dream Trips with World Ventures takes the guess work out of vacations.  Most vacation spots have a Tour Guide in place, a Welcome reception, Tours, Free Time, Farewell Party with other vacationers from around the world.  Others just like you that want to create lasting memories with their families.


Consider driving Ferraris or Lamborghinis through the hills outside of Denver, or a 3 – hour Dinner cruise outside of Scottsdale or Hangliding in Boracay, Philippines.  The excursions are part of the experience and are included in your vacations.  In some cases, you’ll even have access to your own concierge that can make your memories even more memorable.


Vacationing is about making memory. And sometimes you should really splurge to experience an unforgettable memory that gives you a feel that you have enjoyed the best vacation of your life.  If you want to really vacation in style, then consider joining the Best Vacation Club in the Industry.  I’m talking about Dream Trips with World Ventures.

Join the VIP Vacation Club TODAY that is consistently creating experiences not found anywhere else.

AND … Finally, Enjoy a Vacation in Style! 


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