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Using Traffic Graviator as a Lead Generation Tool

by skoda on September 30, 2011

Traffic Graviator is an internet marketing training course whose main goal is to show people how to tap the power of the search engines to drive traffic to a website then convert them into leads. Traffic Graviator is however, not just another marketing tool. It will show you in a step-by-step format how to go about with search engine marketing. As you should probably know by now, search engines are the best sources of web traffic. The kinds of traffic they drive are very targeted so they have much higher conversion rates than other types of traffic. That said, if you are going to spend time and resources on attracting traffic, you might as well focus most of your attention on search engines. The Traffic Graviator by the MLM Brothers can help you with this.

The great thing about the Traffic Graviator is that it will show you how to get tons of web traffic for FREE. That’s right. We’re talking about FREE traffic here. It’s not pay per click, it’s not advertising, and it has absolutely nothing to do with sales. The Traffic Graviator is  about techniques and strategies on how you can grab a hold of the search engines and make them work for you. It’s about working smarter, not harder. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced individual when it comes to online marketing, there’s a lot you can learn from Traffic Graviator. The course is divided into several modules so you can go direct to the sections where you need help the most. It is however recommended that you begin from the start if you want to maximize what you learn from Traffic Graviator.


If you are in the MLM or network marketing business, Traffic Graviator is the perfect training course for you. The backbone of every network marketing business is made up of leads. The more leads you have, the stronger and more profitable your business is. One of the main objectives of the Traffic Graviator is to teach you on how you can convert your traffic into leads. In the MLM industry, a lot of importance is directed towards conversion rates. Even if your site attracts thousands of visitors, it won’t make a difference if you have a very low conversion rate. A site with low traffic levels but boasts of a high conversion rate would be more profitable. Fortunately, for you, Traffic Graviator helps you out with both. It doesn’t only teach you how to build your traffic, the Traffic Graviator will also show you how to increase your conversion rates.


Here are some of the things you will learn from Traffic Graviator. Understand though that these are just the tip of the iceberg. You will learn a ton more if you acquire the whole Traffic Graviator training course.

  1. The fundamentals of SEO and how you can be successful in it.
  2. The Traffic Graviator will help you understand the nodes, hubs, and terminals of your network business.
  3. Tracking, measuring and analyzing your progress.
  4. The Traffic Graviator will show you how to set up your hubs.
  5. Creating your own web network
  6. How to come up with the appropriate game plan and mindset.


The Traffic Graviator is an invaluable tool that will teach you a lot on how to grow an online business.  Generate Leads Everywhere You Go!


  • Great post here Joseph. Traffic Graviator is definitely a powerful tool worth getting into. Thanks for sharing this! 😀

  • Great tips, it’s always helpful to get training on how you can improve.  

    • Thanks Alecia.  This is an exciting tool to add to your arsenal!

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