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Use 5iphon to Build Your List 5x Faster

by skoda on September 10, 2012

A free viral income system is what 5iphon is all about.



5iphon Hardcore List Builder


This is something that will really catch the interest of those who are  looking to earn earning $100, $500 or even $1000 by simply having a 5 minute e-mail message.  Earning online has never been this easy when using this Siphon viral free list building site. So how does this system work? Read on and get to know more about it.

It all starts when one begins to subscribe as a member by simply logging in via your email address. Once inside the site, one automatically becomes an owner of a Siphon website. This site actually comes with a free software that makes it easier to build one’s listing and earn at the same time called the Send 5 viral software. The first step is to build your list into hundreds of members through absolutely free or very low cost traffic methods. Together with other listing owners, one may now proceed into doing ad swaps.

What exactly are ad swaps? AD swap is when one partner with someone having the same number of subscribers. The swap happens when one sends the ad to the partners list and vice versa. This is most of the time done for free. Free traffic possibilities are seemingly endless when it one does the ad swap. After this, it’s simply sending out the template e-mail swipes to the partner who in turn will send it their list. The partners will then provide their ad copy to be sent to the existing list one has. The good part of it is when the people on the partners list begin to join Siphon, one automatically gets the 1st five people they each would refer as subscribers. This is what the Send 5 Viral platform does.  ==> 5iphon

Needless to say, the bigger ones list becomes, the bigger the profit. With 5iphon what happens is that as one does the ad swap or the solo ad which produces around 100 subscribers, one actually ends up with 500 more subscribers on autopilot because of the beauty of the Send 5 viral platform. Should one choose to be a member of the Siphon Extreme, the platinum membership, one would gain even more autopilot commissions and sales.

As an affiliate, one has two options to be able to earn. Promoting the site is one. The people that one refers gets the free list building site and also the option to be a 5iphon Extreme Member by getting the clickbank affiliate link set by the site.  One may get up to 55% commission on the initial month’s fee and at least $20 for the monthly recurring rate. The other option is to be a member and then upgrade to Siphon Extreme membership. This allows one to set up and be ready to make money in less than two minutes on autopilot through the viral Siphon list building website with the email opt in under the members name right on the home page. Fully customized up to the backend.

This is truly one breakthrough in building the email list not the old fashioned, slow way. What’s more is that it allows one to earn while not exerting so much effort just to be able to create a productive listing. Whether one chooses to simply build the email list (which is already earning at least $143), or chooses to take advantage of the opportunity of being a Siphon Extreme member, this offer is a win-win solution for the online marketers. Since 5iphon helps you Build a list  5x  faster, it makes earning money and building the email list an easy task that’s worth one’s investment.


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