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Top Tier Business Model Produces Results

by skoda on December 10, 2013

Why should you use Matt’s Top Tier Business?


While many so called internet gurus will guarantee you success on the internet, the reality is that many of these people make you pay them money up front for so called success. It all sounds great and they make everything look nice and pretty for you. After all that’s gets you to buy their service. The problem is that after you have spent the money for their system, you are left with little or no increase in business and whatever amount of money that you spent poorer.

What sets Matt Lloyd’s program apart from his competitors is that he guarantees your success with a $500 check if you are not successful in thirty days.

That might sound good but what is the catch? After all it’s not as if people can just sign up and then expect $500 after a month. Well here is the condition. My Top Tier Business requires you to work with your coach that is provided for free and to follow the 21 step business model that is set by Matt Lloyd. Here is the deal: if you follow the directions you will be making money. That’s why he isn’t issuing a lot of costly $500 checks.

There are two names that you will need to get familiar with. One is called My Top Tier Business (MTTB) and the other name is called My Online Business Empire (MOBE). These form the system that you will be working with. The reason why this works is because instead of going after small sales like a regular multi-level marketing company might, the MTTB/MOBE look for the high ticket consumer. That means instead of having to make lots of small incremental sales, your website can instead focus on the large sales.


Since this system is a direct sales system, they will not only provide the training and marketing support that you will need to sell product, but they will also have paid people to answer the phone for you and screen the calls. That means that by the time you actually talk to a potential client, they are pre-qualified customers who are prepared to make a purchase. Your job is to simply close the deal.

Since this system uses proven marketing techniques to make your business attractive to the public you will not need to make a list of friends and family to solicit or hand out leaflets in the grocery store parking lot. You also will not need to cold call people just to have them get angry and hang up on you. Instead you will be working with a customer who is actually interested in what you are selling. That relieves a lot of stress but also creates a system that you can be successful in. That is this business has been able to generate $4 billion in revenue. It can really be a game change for those who are struggling to make money on the internet and those who actually do.


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