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Toastmasters Creates Leadership

by skoda on February 3, 2018

Toastmasters Creates Leadership


Army Veteran Maurice Elkins talks Success with Toastmasters from Joseph Skoda on Vimeo.


Finding a good leadership program can encourage everyone to achieve their goals in life. In the past, many people weren’t interested in leadership, thinking it solely focused on supervisors or managers of organizations. But now everyone can utilize leadership skills to make their lives better. And even if you’re not directly interested in leadership, you may soon realize that it may be the right path for you. Toastmasters is a non-profit organization that creates leaders.


Toastmasters focuses on two tracks: Communication and Leadership. If you’re uncertain where to start, why not begin with leadership? New skills mean you can increase your chances of promotion at work, be hired as a Toastmaster for special events, and even run a local charity. What you do with it is up to you.


If you’re interested in learning more about their leadership track, you can visit for more information.


The site is packed full of information about how to join a club or start a club. There is a membership fee involved, but it’s minimal. Once you can log onto the site, you can find information about the educational leadership programs and resources. There is an a magazine you can read too.


All the clubs that may be in your city will be listed, as well as events. Once you begin on your leadership path and develop the skills needed to be a leader, you may have the confidence to start your own club in your own city.


Toastmasters is a welcoming club where you’re supported by a wide range of people who are also interested in learning communication skills and becoming leaders. As you progress through the eduction, you’ll be writing your own speeches and presenting to your peers. You’ll be evaluated on your speeches and then offered positive feedback on how to improve.


While there is a strong focus on speeches, this is one of the best methods where you can begin to practice for a leadership role. A leader must eloquently provide information and also capture the interest of the audience at the same time. But if your audience is yawning or bored, then you’ve failed. You’ll learn tips at how to improve for next time. It can be a learning process, which is why you may have decided to join the Toastmasters leadership program. Everyone else had to start at the bottom with their opening speeches too.


If you want to learn more about how the leadership program may be right for you, visit the site. Even people not interesting in becoming a leader may still benefit. You’ll gain the confidence to be a good public speaker. That seems to be one of the most essential work skills today, and many employers will be eager to hire you for this skill.


The site also offers some real life success stories about how people joined Toastmasters to accomplish a goal, and then succeeded in it.


If you’re interested in learning more about how Toastmasters creates leadership, visit the website: to see for yourself.  Ask my friend and fellow Division Director Maurice Elkins.


If on the Central Coast of California, Check out our fb Page….

Toastmasters Creates Leaders

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