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Three Simple Steps to get on Google’s 1st Page

by skoda on September 6, 2011

Get on Google’s First Page with these Easy Steps.


We know that Getting ranked on the first page of Google use to be a very, very difficult task. Almost impossible for the average online entrepreneur.

BUT… things have changed online in the last few years, and the game is wide open.

I want to show you exactly how you can get your self positioned on the first page of Google and the other top search engines.

There’s several different strategies you can use, but they all come down to THREE basic principles.

STEP #1: Keyword Research

It all starts with keyword research. You need to decide which                    
specific keyword phrases you want to compete for. And better
yet you want to know if you stand a chance at winning.

This is where the importance of proper keyword research
comes in. You will waste a lot of time and effort without
the proper research.

So, to make this easy for you, we’ve put together some
really great training videos that explain exactly how to
do this. Have a look under STRATEGY #8 Content & Article
. You will find the videos on Keyword Research.

STEP #2: Create your CONTENT

You can create articles, blog posts, squidoo lenses, hubpages,
or videos. They idea here is to create good, quality content
that will get read or watched.

Now you take the list of keyword phrases that you have chosen
from your research and create the content around these phrases.

Use the keyword phrase in the title, in the description and
in the body of the content. Nothing complicated here folks.


STEP #3: Distribute your CONTENT

Now that you have your content, all you need to do is get it
out on to the world wide web. Post your articles in several
article directories, create a squidoo lens, a hubpage,
on your blogs, or use the content in forums.

With videos distribute them to several video sharing sites
and post them on your blogs.

Want a shortcut?

Check out our secret weapon to dominating Google:

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