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The Best Article Spinners available today

by skoda on June 23, 2011


       For writers who do this type of writing for several companies, they may opt to rewrite their articles, be it in some parts or the entire article, and sell it to the different companies.  This is very popular among those who use the articles for web content or for article marketing.  There are actually a lot of article spinner software available today.  These applications are programmed to change minimum content, replacing words or phrases in the articles.  The keywords may also be varied, but the content meaning is still the same. 

            How does an article spinner work?  Whenever a person spins their articles, the programs may require what is called a “spintax”.  It is a list of words, phrases, and synonyms that should be embedded in the text of the articles to be spun.  The software then “rewrites” the article by replacing the words with the synonyms given.  The end result: a new version of the original writing. 

            When article spinners check online, there are a lot of websites that offer writers programs to help them spin the content in their articles.  For those who are involved in writing articles for SEO, these spinners guarantee the writer that life could be made easier when article spinners are used.  In order to avoid getting penalized for having similar content, people would usually visit article spinners such as Demon Spin, Simply Free Article Spinner, and other online websites that have spinners.  There are also programs that could be purchased that could be used to spin the articles. 


  • @joseph, you also have to remember that googles algorythm does change, if your content is all decent quality and not spammy in nature, you have nothing to worry about…..but if your content looks like adsdshejkhe keyword masters of the universe ten thousand keyword links to content that says zero possibility on the mountain which makes 0 sense.

    it might go away and you have to do it over again, might as well do it RIGHT the first time, so yeah use the software to build massive links but take 5 minutes to spin an article that is good!

    Good spinning is an artform and there are thousands and thousands of articles on the web which are just spun copies of others on the web, you would never know. To me that is the best way to use a spinner. Want to rewrite an article and can’t think of new words, check it out in the spinner and make new sentences that MAKE SENSE and alway review every possibility before submitting a random spin. I wouldn’t put name on content just for the sake of backlink building. Take the few minutes and make a decent original article (using the software) before blasting it out and it’s a win win.

    ~Scott Manesis

    • This is great advice Scott.  We need to do it Right the First time….

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