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Talk about your Business if you want more money

by skoda on August 7, 2011

Orlin says to talk about your business if you want more money.

Graphic Designer, Orlin Reynolds recently joined me with other Superstar Network Marketers in Tampa Bay, Florida.  I first met him in Cancun, Mexico with an exciting MLSP Mastermind Group.  He keeps it simple here.  If you want more Silver and Gold Assets then talk about your business.

Numis made several important announcements.

Founding Partners Chris Kent and Jake Kevorkian made the major announcements that were made at our 2nd Annual Convention this weekend.

    • The New Cruise Contest
    • Pre-launch into the UK
    • Refer 3 Get Yours Free

  • The New Silver Eagle Bonus Pool
  • The Silver Eagle Performance System
  • Special Promotion for Numis University in October
  • And More.
Talk about Free Silver and a Free Cruise.   It gets better and better all of the Time.  Take Action NOW and come join us as we have fun all over the world…

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