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Success Leaves Clues

by skoda on June 8, 2017

Success Leaves Clues


Success leaves clues everywhere around us and it’s important that we take notice. Successful strategies can help you move forward in your business. The Internet world is very fast moving and given the chaotic state of our economy you need all the help that you can get to succeed. Fortunately, there are a few people out there that have been there and done that. These people make things happen in spite of the hard times they have to face.



Successful people are ready to help you without any qualms. They understand that having a good network is key to succeeding. They are also ready to help you without asking for anything in return. Successful people achieve success through real hard work. They know that they must not spare any effort in order to actualize their dreams and achieve their objectives.  I didn’t realize the importance myself until I went to a Mastermind Group in Cancun a few years back.  The leaders of the company are Todd Schlomer, Norbert Orleweicz and Brian Fanale.  They brought in up and coming leaders in our industry.  Rob Fore, Ray Higdon, Jessica Higdon, Tracey Walker, Adam Chandler and David Wood were all part of our leadership.  Quite frankly, I never heard of any of them before.  But, I do know them very well today.  They all have their own products today and still give back to the My Lead System Pro (MLSP) Community.


These People who have tasted success are ready to offer you expert advice. They are also ready to take advice from other experts. Once they invest their money they will then follow up to ensure that their investments pay them back handsomely. The assets in which a successful person invests are backed up by long-term strategies to win.  Most leaders share their mistakes with you to help guide you through the process of making your own way up the SUCCESS ladder.


The most important trait of a successful person is that he or she is a wonderful networker and they have lots of connections. These are people with a positive outlook and after first saying yes to profitable proposals they then work the best way to achieve their goals. Another trait that separates successful people is that they are not the type that talks negatively and nor do they indulge in gossip. Instead, they want to take responsibility for their results as well as failures. Successful people never ever moan or whine. This is because their journey involves regular and non-stop improvements. They are always looking for better and newer solutions to achieve big goals.


Successful people leave clues and are a very eager to pitch in. People who have enjoyed success are known to work on their mindsets and they are also always looking to grow and expand their beliefs. In spite of feeling fear they are ready to move forward and take positive actions. This is because they know that there is virtually limitless amount of money to be made and that the only thing that constrains them is time.


Successful people also understand that life has its fair shares of hiccups as well as successes. Even when they experience failure they are able to muster the courage to get up and try harder the following day. Success leaves clues like being resilient as well as responsible. In spite of failing to obtain positive results, successful people will see what others have done to succeed and how they succeeded. Then they will find a solution to their problems. They also know that success does not come overnight and so are ready to invest their time, effort as well as commitment to succeed.


At the end of the day (usually a long day that often takes months) these leaders know how to relax and vacation.  They usually take trips with like-minded individuals that they have worked with.  Many even take VIP-Vacations like the ones here.


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