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Still Struggling to get Leads?

by skoda on August 28, 2011

Still Struggling to get Leads?


You don’t have to.  There are many articles out there to help.  Unfortunately, many are written by those that aren’t walking their walk.  They are just selling e-books online “Appearing” to be an expert in the field.  Ever feel that you can’t really trust anyone?  I know that feeling really well.  Not just in business but in life overall.

I’ve written articles myself on simple ways to get started on Lead Generation.  These range from posting “Bandit Signs” and really learning Social Marketing.  Let’s face it SEO 2.0 is here to stay.  MySpace may be in the shadows, but the platform is still readily used for relationship building.  As we know, facebook is King in  this arena.  As we “LIKE” people on fb, myspace, YouTube etc….  it boosts Search Engine Optimization ratings.  The bottom line is that the Higher your ratings the Higher your Credibility and the More Traffic that you will get.  This is what Article marketing is all based upon.  The Secret is that it takes about 100 days to really Rank decently.  You must continuously add content on a regular basis for that 100 days for optimal exposure.

Many Professional Marketers (including myself) use My Lead System Pro (MLSP). for training in all aspects of marketing.  The Experts there teach in detail SEO Optimization, FaceBook Training, PPC as well as video marketing.  They’ve made each step so simple with easy to understand videos along the way and the Opportunity to make up to additional 19 checks each month no matter if anyone signs up in your Primary Business or not!

It’s a Generic Marketing System designed to help the inexperienced marketing hang with the “Big Dogs.”  Leads are everywhere.  Realtors, Doctors, Teachers, Mailman, Cashier, Crossing Guard and Librarian to name a few.   Learn to capitalize on MLSP’s Funnel System to make money on a regular basis.  Many people don’t even have a Primary Business but are making a good living with MLSP.

Don’t Struggle anymore getting leads.  Learn the proper techniques and follow the tips from an expert….  After all, More Leads mean More Money!




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