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Social Network Marketing – The Next Wave

by skoda on September 22, 2011

Social Network Marketing – The Next Wave

One of the hottest and profit-making tactics to earn money on the internet is by using social networking.

Many people are making thousands of bucks a month using this strategy, but many more are not making any money at all .

If you’re yet to take part the social media marketing fever, there are variety of things that you really should know before you enter into this competitive market.

You need A Methodology in Social Network Marketing

Attraction Marketing System You have to take a look at the competition all of the time and follow folk in the same form of business, spy on them if you like, but find out what they are doing that makes them successful.

You’ll find that the most successful people are on each well-liked social sites all the time. Social networking is a hands-on, each day business requiring long hours and learning.

It isn’t like having a stand alone site. The word “social” means what it asserts.

When you make a decision to enter the sector of social networking you have got to build your persona, make folks believe that they know you and like you, and most vitally trust you.

You most likely actually have a personal Facebook page that you visit all of the time to engage with your real buddies, you’re being companionable with them. If you have an interest in creating a business on Facebook you actually should keep your business life and your social life separate, and that implies building a separate page for your business. No one is going to take you seriously if your business postings are mixed in with your private life, for example posting photographs of yourself at the beach in a bikini is fine on a private page, but not on a business page. If you are doing business people will simply not take you seriously. Few folks will purchase anything from you if you come across as being a party animal. So it is essential to brand yourself separately as a significant business person, and you will have to keep both your characters separate.



  • Great post. I have been using social media marketing for a couple years but I have had my Facebook account since 2007.  At first I set up my account and did nothing with it. What a mistake it was waiting so long to use it. 

    • I think that we all waited too long.  It’s time to catch up….

  • Awesome post, Joseph! I think you hit it right on the head about keeping it businesslike on Facebook. There’s a fine line we walk in deciding what to share to be personable without being TOO personal. 🙂 It’s all about reaching out and making connections with people though, if we’re not doing that on Facebook, we are indeed wasting our most valuable commodity: TIME!

  • Great post Joseph! You made a lot of great points here. It’s always important to be able to separate our business page from our personal page. It’s always great to stay professional. 😀 

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