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Six Months are gone…What have you accomplished in 2011?

by skoda on June 1, 2011

Crazy…isn’t it? 6 months out of the year have already dissapeared into thin air. It seems like just yesterday that we started 2011. Well, I have a few quick questions for you.

Is half of your 2011 “To Do” list completed?

Did you lose the weight you wanted to?
Are you halfway thru your financial goal?
Did you take that time out for yourself like you said?
Have you been spending time in the places you said you where?
Did you quit smoking?

All of those questions might not adhere directly to you, but I’m sure that 1 or 2 might:)  Right?

The reason I put that in front of your eyes is simply that I
want you to think about it hard. Time is flying by and before
you know it 2015 will be here!!! If there was ever a time for
you to reach out and grab your goals…. NOW’S THE TIME!

Look at it another way…it’s half-time and it’s your time to receive.
What will you do differently to ensure victory in the end? Will you try a
different play than you have before or maybe dig into the old training manual
again to see what has worked in the past.

Either way, some tweaks here and there can make the difference in how successful
you’ll finish the game. Take risks…but, educated risks! Learn from those that have gone
ahead of you and have what you want.

NOW…Go make it happen in the second half!!!

  • Alecia

    Yes, it’s always good to reflect back and see your accomplishments and make new goals. Thanks for the reminder.

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