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Setting Up Residual Income Streams on The Web

by skoda on December 30, 2011

Creating Residual Income Streams Online


Are you one of the folks that need to make some residual income to assist in easing financial pressures that you may be under due to this recession, and maybe in the process you want to accumulate some real wealth? Here is a quick test on affiliate marketing. Let’s see how you do.

Here are 2 internet marketing methods, you select which one is better. Let’s see if you can decide which one will be more moneymaking?

In the 1st scenario it takes one hundred clicks to make a sale. Every sale pays $100 in commissions. The refund rate is a low five pc. At $.80 per click, what’s going to be the return on your first $100 investment?

In the second scenario it takes the same – 100 clicks to make a sale. That sale also pays a $100 commission, there is, however, the extra bonus of an extra $10 a month commission for four months. There is also money back rate of five pc, and you’ll get paid that extra $10 four times. Again, if you pay $.80 per click what will your return on a $100 investment be?

The answer for the 1st example is as follows : it costs you $80 to make one sale. So that implies you made $20 but you must take off five pc for the repayments, leaving you with $19 net profit. 19% is a good ROI. In the second example you may still receive $19 in commissions for that preliminary sale, but you also receive $40 for those 4 monthly sales. So if you add the $19 to the $40 then you have $59 which translates to a 59% investment return a much more fascinating outcome!

Residual Income – The Difference that Makes a Difference

If you were to examine any Super Affiliate’s marketing model you’ll soon find out the only time they are going to offer a product that pays only once for the initial sale, is when they can leverage that sale into making extra cash. Plenty will offer a free report or special bonus if you purchase this product thru their affiliate link, where the leverage comes in is when they collect your opt in info from their selling page, what they are giving you for free involved you giving something away for free too! A concentrated opt in list is quite often worth up to five bucks per name each month to its owner. It is quite possible there will be a later upsell offered through an e-mail that gives them the chance to earn one more commission.

Super Affiliates will most likely target promoting products that may seem to only pay an one off commission, but in fact turn out to pay a major amount in monthly residual income. What you can learn from this exercise is that if an affiliate marketing product does have a continuing opportunity to earn additional income, you should go for it. Doesn’t that make sense? It’s the most notable difference between an awesome 59% ROI or a far less electrifying 19%.

Swell Your Income Streams let them Flow into a Stream of Residual Income!

The longest river in the world is the Nile. The only real way that you can appreciate the size of the Nile is by seeing it from outer space. It is grand. What you don’t see when you look down from your starship is that the Nile is what it is because it’s fed by thousands of tiny tributaries. Thousands of them. This huge Stream only exists due to all of the tiny tributaries and streams that run into it.

By accepting that many little streams of income can build to form a river of wealth you must take your affiliate marketing attempts to the next level. Begin by promoting products that pay residual monthly income on top of an initial commission. Don’t be tempted by other products, these are the ones that will create wealth in the long term. After only a few months you will see these little streams of income turn into a major flood of income. The great thing about residual monthly income is that you never start a month with nothing in the bank. Imagine that!

No more wondering how much your income will be and whether you will be able to pay the bills that residual income will soon build up to be sufficient to cover the bills before you even start on any other income-producing projects.  My Own experience shows that My Lead System Pro provides the Best training for Affiliate Marketing.  Over 20 different opportunities for Affiliate Marketing Compensation is built into the Funded Proposal of My Lead System Pro.


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