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Setting Up Residual Incomes Streams on The Web

by skoda on March 29, 2013

Setting Up Residual Incomes Streams on The Web to Create More Income Streams


Are you one of the folks that need to make some residual income to help ease financial pressures that you could be under due to this recession, and perhaps in the process you want to collect some real wealth? Here is a fast test on affiliate marketing. Let’s see how you do.

The following are 2 affiliate marketing systems, you choose which one is better. Let’s see if you can decide which one will be more moneymaking? MLSP War Chest

In the 1st scenario it takes 100 clicks to make a sale. Every sale pays $100 in commissions. The refund rate is a low five percent. At $.80 per click, what is going to be the return on your initial $100 investment?

In the second scenario it takes the same – 100 clicks to make a sale. That sale also pays a $100 commission, but there is the increased bonus of an extra $10 a month commission for 4 months. There is also a repayment rate of five percent, and you’ll get paid that extra $10 four times. Again, if you pay $.80 per click what will your return on a $100 investment be?

The answer for the 1st example is like this : it costs you $80 to make one sale. So that suggests you made $20 but you must take off five percent for the repayments, leaving you with $19 net profit. 19% is a good ROI. In the second example you will still receive $19 in commissions for that preliminary sale, but you also receive $40 for those 4 monthly sales. So if you add the $19 to the $40 then you have $59 which translates to a 59% ROI a far more desirable end result!

Residual Income Makes A Giant Difference!

Pay very close attention to any Super Affiliate’s promoting model and you may quickly discover the only time they’ll offer an one-up product ( it pays only once for primary sale ) is if they can somehow leverage that sale.

For instance, they may provide a free report or special insider review and bonus if you make the purchase through their affiliate link… Where the LEVERAGE is in collecting the opt-in information.

Because a targeted opt-in list is often worth $0.25 to $5.00 PER MONTH or even more to the list owner.

The heavy hitters in the affiliate internet marketing business play a trump than that, they focus on promoting their products which at first provide an one off commission but go on to offer an upsell to something that provides a monthly residual income, such as a membership site.

So that the key to the best affiliate marketing opportunities is not about the original commission, it’s about what follows later on. Are you able to blame them? In the example above, it’s the most notable difference between 19% and 59% return on investment.

The Secret to Prosperity is Multiple Streams of Residual Income

The longest stream in the world is the Nile. The only real way that you can appreciate the scale of the Nile is by seeing it from outer space. It is awe-inspiring. What you don’t see when you look down from your rocket is that the Nile is what it is because it’s fed by thousands of small tributaries. Thousands of them. This huge Stream only exists due to all of the tiny tributaries and streams that run into it.

Taking your internet marketing income to the next level is often a matter of creating your own RIVER of income by creating multiple, tiny streams of income.

Start promoting products and services that pay a once a month residual income. And only those products. And then simply kick back and watch the wizardry occur.

Because when you have residual income coming in – you never start the month at nil! Think about that.  Highly recommended to stay on track is to use My Lead System’s Pro Biz Lead Academy.   This is the Best of the Best in setting up Residual Income Streams and for helping you Brand Yourself most effectively.



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You are never really beginning over or beginning from zero and hoping beyond hope you sell something this month.



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