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Secret for Success – Keep Your Word

by skoda on January 31, 2012

For True Success – Keep Your Word


It’s such a simple task, but many fail at keeping their word.  It should be easy since we ask people to trust us all of the time.

Don’t we promise our teachers and parents that we’ll do our homework when we are younger?  Don’t we promise to keep our word when someone asks us not to tell their secret?  Also, don’t we promise to keep our word when we confess to everyone that we promise to keep,  love and obey (something like that) when we get married?  You bet We do!  Then why is it a problem for most people?

Today, the Central Coast Team Numis Organization made a promise to keep moving on and to never quit Numis.  It probably wasn’t necessary since we love collecting silver coins each month that are of the top-of-the-line MS 70 Quality.  We make Money as We collect Money.  Cool Concept, don’t you think?  The bottom line is that we wanted to be accountable to one another as we build our businesses.

The Central Coast Team Numis meets weekly to share ideas, show presentations and to keep the ongoing support and training alive.  We realize that “Life” gets in the way and sometimes we need a little push to keep going.  That is why we decided to just “Keep our Word” when we say that we are going to do something.

Blogging, Videos, Face-to-Face and Online Marketing are a common place for most of us.  But, we are not all proficient in every marketing method there is.  That is why we need one another’s support.  As we’ve heard: T ogether…E veryone…A chieves…M ore.  This Central Coast Team works hard together and we make a commitment to attend all training that Numis puts together and work hard to ensure that we all meet the requirements for upcoming cruises and other promotions.

The Secret to Success really is Just Keeping Your Word.  Be consistent, Focus on Dream and get involved with the Central Coast Team Numis to keep you on the right track for your own success.  Remember, we ask for commitment and we WILL give it back.

Tonight, GI Joe Marketer (Joseph Skoda), Nora Heffernan, Jo Salsbury Branca , Joyce Baldwin-Warner made a commitment to never quit.  That is the Secret to Success if you are not lazy.  It’s really easy to keep your word with the right team and the right product.  Check out what Numis has in Store for you…  Make sure you pass it on.

Don’t make keeping Your Word an issue.  It’s Stupid.  If you said that you were going to do something (make a phone call, do a video, write a blog, watch a presentation….)  No Excuses… Just Do It!

  • Yes, a lesson to stay true to who you are.  You always learn lessons in what limits you can perform.

  • TheBeachBumEntrepreneur

    Hey great post, Keeping your word is the same as staying dedicated and never giving up. Keep up the great post.
    See you at the beach. lol

    • Staying Dedicated.  Love it.  You are so right Beach Bum….  See you at the Beach….

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