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Rob Fore says Don’t Get Stuck on Stupid

by skoda on December 21, 2011

Don’t Get Stuck on Stupid!


I first met Rob Fore at a My Lead System Pro Mastermind Retreat on the Tropical Beaches in Cancun, Mexico.  He is so low key and approachable I didn’t know that he already had 11,000 Active Following Members in his SendOut Card business.  So I asked him why doesn’t  he use his brain for another business instead of Network Marketing.

He explained that he had well-paying jobs and businesses, but often had issues with employees, inventory and government taking most of his hard-earned money.  He then suggested that I was calling him “Stuck on Stupid” for being involved in Network Marketing.

He went on discussing the fact that if you work your fingers to the bone and then you have boney fingers.  Not much to really show for your efforts.

Don’t get me wrong, you must work it for it to pay off huge dividends, but it can take only between 12-24 months if you work hard.  I’ve heard about Network Marketers making that kind of money quickly, but this is the first time I heard it directly from someone actually doing it over and over again.  In fact he’s done it 4-times.  Rob Fore has gone from zero with MLSP to making over $100 thousand in only one year.  I think that is the reason they invited him to speak in Cancun in the first place.

I also met up with him in Las Vegas and find out that in his Numis Organization, he’s already made $100 thousand there and currently has even put an extra $30 thousand in his pocket with the Empower Network in a short 6 weeks.  Talk about a Go-Getter…

Create wealth on the fast track with residual income.  Leverage yourself and your efforts for maximum benefits and Pina Colladas on the beach if you want to.  Passive Residual Income is one way that Rob Fore says that he can be stuck on stupid.   Yea…whatever!

I’m fortunate to be part of his team to receive the Best Training available for a Network Marketer.  He’s my mentor and an excellent leader in our profession.  Don’t get stuck on stupid, come join us.  Look for True Leadership in any Venture….  You must master yourself and fine-tune yourself first before branching out. Be prepared to do the work and you’ll reap the rewards.  Rob Fore is full of Golden Nuggets.  Watch the Leaders and Don’t get stuck….






  • Jeff Stone

    Wise words from a wise business pro. It always inspiring to hear stories like his and any advice he can give is worth its weight in gold. Neat post about your encounter with Rob Fore, Joseph!

    • Wise words always Jeff.  He totally knows his biz….

  • Hanna L.

    I am very impressed at Mr. Fore’s success. Must be amazing to have such an accomplished and experienced mentor there to help you out. Color me envious! 🙂

    • I know.  He might seem like an overnight success, but it took him years of sweat and tears before he made that first 6-figures.  Now it doesn’t take him nearly as long.

  • Olan Rogers

    “Don’t get stuck on stupid”: simply brilliant advice. It’s also lovely to hear about how such an important and successful guy is so cool and down to earth. His story can really hope for every people like me.

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