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Residual Income – What is it and How Do You Earn It?

by skoda on April 15, 2011

The key to ultimate wealth is to have many residual income ideas. It’s almost
like a mutual fund concept. If one stock goes down usually another one goes up.
This allows you to better leverage your time and money.
Over the past several years, more and more companies are asking others to
promote their websites and businesses in exchange for providing affiliate
income. When you have enough of these affiliate income strategies put into place
you can enjoy this particular residual income idea. It’s not the one time sale
that’s important; it’s the recurring sale month after month year after
The affiliate source allows you to create more
customers which you need to send through an affiliate sales tunnel ultimately
connecting the customer with your primary business outlet. This outlet when
setup properly will put into place the residual income idea

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