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Remember ALL Veterans on Veterans Day

by skoda on November 11, 2011

Don’t forget to Remember and Honor Veterans on Veterans Day


Joseph Skoda

Too often, society seems to forget what WE Veterans have had to go through to ensure that America stays Free.  Yes, we have issues and our Government has often let us down, but the Vets just want to be appreciated for their part.  Life is tough and the economy is falling apart worldwide.  Don’t make it even tougher for us…


As I lay my wreath at the Santa Maria Cemetery this Veterans Day, I will not only remember the brethren who paid the Ultimate sacrifice I will also remember those that are now paralyzed.  This Vice Commander of Chapter 82, Disabled American Veterans wants to show my appreciation for ALL disabled Vets worldwide.  God, Honor, Country!

I encourage all to show respect and to support us on our issues past and present.

Paralyzed Veterans of America:

“Our veterans are our heroes for life. After serving our country, serious injury shouldn’t stop them from living the full, rewarding lives they deserve. At Paralyzed Veterans of America, we fight for better health care and benefits, aid in the search for a truly satisfying career, and provide the path to adventure through adaptive sports. What’s more, we are committed to ongoing care by educating clinicians about spinal cord injury, and we’re deeply invested in the future—a cure for paralysis. “


Also, please support our First Ever Veterans Court of Santa Barbara County….


  • Yes, very inspiring.  Thanks for sharing and all you do. 

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