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Pros and Cons of Joining the Empower Network

by skoda on November 20, 2011

David Wood and David Sharpe has been all over the place with their “100% Commission” video and frankly, watching this guy and his bravado in voicing marketing programs makes you really consider what this Empower Network is and why people are getting excited about it.

Empower Network is a platform for viral blogging. It is basically consisting of collections of people where they blog regularly using optimized platforms for better site ranking. Why do we say that Empower Network blog is a viral blogging platform? Because it relieves you the awfully long and complicated process of setting up a blog, building reputation so the contents in your blog will be found by search engines and drive traffic towards your blog. With Empower Network, everything became easy. There really is no need to monetize or optimize your blog, you don’t even have to get an autoresponder. You just sign up and let the powerful Empower Network do its job of creating leads and building traffic for your blog. Think about that. No matter if you are a beginner or expert in blogging, with the help of Empower Network, your traffic ranking will increase in no time.  Think about this: it really doesn’t matter what you want to write about.  This system is in place to help you make commissions anyway.

Here are some of David Wood’s Empower Network pros:

1. The concept of 100% commissions is the first of its kind. The fact that easy recommendations to friends would lead to 100% commission for you and your friend is a too great concept to dismiss.

2. The built in blog of Empower Network is practical to use for people who are just beginning to build their blogs. Like mentioned previously, generating leads for new blogs are not an easy task. It requires time and much hard work to get the search engines include your content keywords in search results.

3. By being a member of Empower Network you will have the chance to get marketing training from top-level marketing experts such as the two developers: David Woods and David Sharpe.

4. Your 100% commission is not a hoaxed. When you become a member of Empower Network, you can instantly get paid. No need to wait for turnaround periods to get your payment released by your company. Your commission for Empower network recommendations that lead to sales will be transferred to your account quickly.

Even the greatest PR campaign has its cons.

1. Creating your blog is should be creating a brand for yourself. Every social media you used should leave a trace of who you are. This is what’s lost in using Empower Network. Because of excessive marketing ads your brand gets overshadowed at first.

2. Empower Network may be an awesome tool for beginners with its viral blogging aspect. But the key point in marketing blogs is maintaining the site traffic. Flood of traffic hits brought about by viral blogging may be beneficial at the beginning but Empower Network needs to find techniques in how to maintain sustainable traffic hits to keep blogs alive.

3. Let’s face it, David Wood of Empower Network is a great marketer but the videos he used for the pre launched of Empower Network does not give too much details. It maybe a marketing strategy for David to keep citizens of the internet interested and guessing what it’s all about. Although it worked to some, others found it too secretive about its real program.

I strongly encourage using the Empower Network for all of your blogging even if you have experience and have had success. People who have never made a dime in Network Marketing are all of a sudden bringing in 100% commissions on a daily basis. The two Davids have paid out over $1 Million in Direct Commissions in less than three-weeks and I see the commissions ongoing for a long time. Come, be involved and get some of the action today.

Realize that the Empower Network is still new and some bugs need to be worked out.  But, for my money it’s all worth it.  This was the first program that I’ve been involved with that only took me two days to get my first return and it’s totally duplicatable.  Read more about the Truth of the Empower Network.

Here are just a few of the Leaders that have joined forces with us at Empower Network:


Jaime Soriano

Raven Starre

Nick Bramble

Lawrence Tam

Toby and Layla Black

Jon Mroz

Kris Darty

Rob Fore

Stephanie Deneke

Bob Anderson

The MLM Brothers

Chris Rocheleau

Brandon Koon

Aaron Rashkin


The list goes on and on…



  • Great, straight forward article about Empower. To me the pros out weigh the cons by far!

    • Thanks Amber.  My only regret is that I waited a week to get started.  A week of commissions that could have been mine.  This is a great start for everyone.

  • WOW I didn’t even knew there were cons… seeing how many people endorse it now… Gained a whole new perspective just by reading this! Thanks!! 😀

    • Yea… I know.  But, they are upfront about everything.  That’s why more and more people are getting involved each day.  A Million Bucks have already been paid out.  WOW!

  • Fab post Joseph!  It is definitely an amazing platform and I tend to agree with Amber, the pro’s tend to out weigh the cons 🙂

    • I agree Debbie.   Everything has its cons, but the Pros definetely are the winners here with EN.

  • Thanks for the review on the empower network. I liked that you gave pros and cons, most just give the pros. 

    • I agree Dean… There are always two sides to every program.   But, the Pros definitely Outweigh the Cons!

  • Good review really helpful!!!!

  • Kim Yamashita

    Thank you for the review I just joined about two days ago and I believe the empower network will only get stronger and better for the members. Empower Network is not just an incredible system but its a golden opportunity for people to make money and I like to think of Empower Network as just supportive community everybody is so friendly. 

    • Empower Network is doing some wonderful things. Stay posted…

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