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Overcoming the Fear of Speaking will Help You Know Your Audience

by skoda on December 8, 2011

Know Your Audience to Build Rapport and Confidence Early.

Actually, you don’t have to always speak in public to get your point across but you still need to know who’m you are giving a presentation to.


We must do due research to ensure that we uphold the confidence and respect of our audience wherever we may be.  It help to prepare and be ready at a moment’s notice for any opportunity.  Don’t back away from challenges and Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking if that is a problem.

We must learn to direct our conversations to a selected audience.  One that we have researched ahead of time or personally invited to watch our presentation.  There can be no guess work for true success.  That is why Direct Email or Direct Marketing usually works very well.  Demographics describing race, interests, neighborhoods and financial status are often taken into account when deciding who your audience is.

We can’t always be as selective as we may want to be, but we need to make efforts whenever possible to ensure the most success for our audience and ourselves.  If children are your audience, then talk on their level.  It’s the same as relating to executives.  We need to involve and relate to our audiences.  So make sure that you know your audience.



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