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Numis Releases 1995 Australian Kookaburra

by skoda on June 10, 2012


FROM:  Joseph Skoda




Numis Releases 1995 Australian Kookaburra As Coin of the Month!

Numis Network’s Silver Premier Club has today announced this month’s featured coin as the 1995 Australian Kookaburra, a rare opportunity to own a beautiful coin and make an investment at the same time.

“That’s right… the coins are cool… and we guarantee it with our five year 100 per cent buy back guarantee,” said the site’s spokesperson.

“These coins are minted in precious metals and have value that lasts forever… they are magnificent works of art and beauty… they are historic and timeless artifacts… they are a wholesome, rewarding and fun activity for the entire family… and they are exquisite gifts that are cherished for a lifetime,” the spokesman added.

The coins, which are great collectible assets and can become a very valuable and cherished family legacy for generations, are certainly priceless family touchstone.

“Everybody collects something, shouldn’t it be assets? Of course! Collecting assets instead of debt, trinkets or other stuff, just makes good sense, and it’s fun and rewarding,” the source said.

At Numis Network, they understand that although their product has obvious value and provides a lifetime of enjoyment, they believe some people may be a little apprehensive about doing something unfamiliar, and considered it not unusual to have a little bit of fear when starting something new.

With a revolutionary “Five Year 100% Buy Back Guarantee” in tow, the company has taken any fear or hesitation out of building personal collection of the world’s most beautiful graded silver coins through its exclusive Silver Premier Club.

Here’s how it works:

  • Within 120 days following the 5 year anniversary date of the purchase, the original purchaser may return eligible coins to Numis Network and we will buy those coins back at 100% of their original purchase price.
  • Buy Back Guarantee applies exclusively to coins purchased through the Silver Premier Club program, not including shipping or taxes.
  • Buy Back Guarantee applies exclusively to the original purchaser of the coins.
  • Any eligible coins returned for Buy Back must be in original, resalable condition.
  • Coins with damaged slabs are not resalable.
  • Eligible coins must be submitted for Buy Back with a completed Buy Back Submission Form and Buy Back Authorization Number (BBAN).
  • Coins must be returned to Numis Network via trackable shipping service.
  • Numis will issue a check for the Buy Back amount within 15 days of receipt of the returned coin.
This is how we know that Numis cares about it’s reputation and the Value that they provide to our community.

Numis Network, which considered it an honor to present this incredible 1995 Australian Kookaburra, believes this is a great asset and priceless family touchstone that will no doubt become valuable collection item – a true family legacy that will be cherished for generations to com.

For further information, please visit the following website:


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