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Numis Gives Away Free Silver Assets

by skoda on August 30, 2012

Numis Announces that they WILL Give-Away $10 Million in Certified Silver Assets over the Next 5-years.



Numis announced this at their third annual convention in Orlando.  They also shared their newly created tv channel for all reps to use and announced a new app about to go on market.                                                                        In fact here’s mine ==>  Numis TV


Just about everybody collects something… shouldn’t it be assets?

Finally, a simple and affordable way to collect something of real value that’s fun and rewarding for the whole family. As a member of this exclusive club, each month you will receive a beautiful perfectly graded coin from around the world; certified, and encapsulated to preserve its museum quality condition.


But, the Biggest news (in my opinion) is that they intend to give away $10 Million in Certified Silver Numismatic Coins.  The only requirement is to become a member of the Silver Premier Club and to refer 3 customers.  When those 3 customers become members of the Silver Premier Club, you will start receiving an additional Silver asset with your regular order.

There is NO limit on how many of these Numis Coins that you can collect each month for Free.  You don’t even need to be in the business.  But for a one-time start up less than $500, you can receive preferred pricing on the Silver Premier Club and make a bunch more money if some of your customers also decide to make Numis a Business for themselves.

Numis is a Win-Win for Wealth Building.


Oh and did I mention that Numis is a network marketing company that offers a 5 year buyback guarantee.  This is their way of ensuring that ordinary people alike have absolutely No-Risk in amassing valuable assets into their portfolio.  Anyone who is in our Silver Premier Club receives a government issued, certified and graded silver asset each and every month and IF after 5 years they are not happy with their collection or just need some fast cash, Numis will buy it back for 100% of their purchase price.

But, the Best way to collect these assets is to get them for Free.  I recommend getting involved with the Silver Premier Club right away and do your own just diligence on the benefits offered and come join us with BOTH feet in.  Collect Valuable Assets like the ones here.  The young girls have a huge collection of their own.  Get Yours!

Do whatever it takes to take home some of the $10 Million in FREE Numis Certified Coins that are being offered to the General Public.

       Get started Here TODAY!    Don’t forget that there is NO Limit on how fast that you can build your asset portfolio.



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