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Numis Does it Again – Platinum State Quarters

by skoda on September 22, 2012

It’s Time to get Your Platinum on.

Platinum State Quaters


Numis recently announced it’s one-of-a-kind Platinum Plated Collectible State Quarter Set.  This particular set not only includes the 50 states, but it also included all territories.  That means that Numis offers a Collection of 56 State Quarters all uniquely designed.

All quarters are uncirculated and protected in a plastic case and then displayed in a Rosewood Display Case.  Numis was also the first to offer the same quality case and quarters in a Gold-Plated Version a few months ago.  Talk about “Real” Value.

Ever since Numis introduced their Silver Premier Club, more and more sets have been made available to the general public.  Mike Mezak explains why these sets are more valuable and collectible than others.  But being a member of the Silver Premier Club brings other benefits as well.  Obviously, Club Prices and the Opportunity to get Certified ANACS Mint State (MS) 70, 1-Ounce Silver Coins sent  to your home for Free.

Learn more about Numis introducing the Silver Premier Club here.

Numis.Tv is a new medium that Numis uses to introduce new promotions and products.  Professionally done by Mike Mezak who has sold more coins than anyone else ever has on the Home Shopping Network.  He tells you why it’s important to start collecting these unique uncirculated Silver Coins that Numis offers.  And now, we even have a Platinum set.

It took ten years for the United States Government to produce all of these state quarters and this set will NEVER be reproduced again.  Even today, it’s hard to collect every coin especially the extra 6 Territories.  Not only will you have the complete set, you will have it in uncirculated condition.  Consider purchasing the Gold-Plated Set also to add to your collection.

Numis is the only MLM in the industry that offers you money from day one.  They promote money.  Isn’t that Great!  No lotions, potions or powders.  Just genuine currency that has proven to go up in value unlike our Paper Currency that loses more and more value each year.

The Best part is that you can start collecting these MS 70 Silver Coins each month as a member of the “Silver Premier Club” and have an opportunity to also receive Free ones each month just by sharing this club with others.  These coins are Great and only get Better when you get them for FREE.

Oh, and make sure you learn more about the 5-Year Buyback Guarantee.  But, the Bottom line is that Numis is the Only Company able to Offer such a Pristine set of Value.  Gold, Silver and NOW Platinum.  It only gets better and better.

It’s Time to get Your Platinum on.  Start Collecting Wealth for a Change!


After all we all collect something, shouldn’t it be money!



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