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Numis Announces Silver Premier Club

by skoda on June 12, 2012



The hobby of coin collecting is a pastime that is enjoyed by millions of people, young and old alike. While some practical individuals collect them with the hope that they’ll appreciate in value, many others are intrigued by their historical, political, social and artistic values. No matter the reason, the Silver Premier Club will benefit one and all, even if you can’t make heads or tails out of coin collecting.

While coin collecting may be the hobby of kings, it need not be limited to just the rich. Becoming a member of the Silver Premier Club makes it simple and affordable to collect valuable coins, even rare and pricey ones. And because you’re dealing with Numis Network, you can remain confident that all coins are the very highest quality graded certified silver from leading mints around the world.

As a coin enthusiast, you may have already learned that it can often be difficult tracking down coins you need. Don’t waste your time and effort frequenting banks or turning to coin companies and mints. As a member of the Silver Premier Club, you will receive genuine collectable silver each month. Yes, you will be adding a beautiful, perfectly graded, certified silver coin from leading mints around the world to your collection on a monthly basis. You can even get your silver coin for free when referring 3 people who become members to the club!

You, and other members of the Silver Premier Club, will also have exclusive access to the Keith Love Signature Series. These are available in very limited quantities and as mentioned earlier, are available only to Silver Premier Club members. These rare coins have high established values and are yours for a fraction of the price, making it profitable to sell them immediately.

Already, the Silver Premier Club proves to be a simple way to make a very nice income while building your coin collection. A major benefit of becoming a member is also receiving preferred pricing on all Numis products and offers.

We are all aware that coins teach us many things and coin collecting is educational at many levels. They teach us history, geography, math, politics and society. From the ancient Egyptian coins to the circulating pennies today, coins have rich and fascinating history. Coin collecting can be both fun and educational for kids and adults alike. Each one tells a story, shows us presidents or historical figures, has landmarks, historical discoveries, animals, plants and other interesting facts. It’s a wonderful opportunity for the family to learn and have fun together. To encourage this, the Silver Premier Club also publishes a bulletin for its members, with interesting facts and the latest news in coin collecting.

Buying from Numis Network is absolutely risk-free. They care about your satisfaction, and guarantees to buy back any coin purchased through their Silver Premier Club in 5 years, for 100% of its original purchase price.

Whether you’re a newbie or a pioneer in collecting silver, there is no better way than to do it as a member of the Silver Premier Club.



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