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No More Surprises

by skoda on August 4, 2011

No More Surprises in Life…

Especially, our Financial Futures. I often say “Surprise Me” when I’m ordering a drink at a bar or when I’m ordering food at a restaurant. But, it doesn’t work well with haircuts or our finances.

We must have a plan put in place that will take care of any surprises in our lives. We will all experience weddings, illness and deaths in our families. Make sure that it doesn’t Surprise You. Be prepared. Have a Blueprint of your Life put into place that will tell you where you are going to be financially in 6 months, 6 years and so-forth.



There should be no surprises when it comes to our Financial Future. Ensure that you have a Sound Plan put into place….

  • Damir And Irina

    haha this is cool !
    keep it up Joseph
    awesome video :))
    love it !
    your friend Damir and Irina

    • You two are Funny.  Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Hey Joseph, I think you make a great point here! Great video! Lol for
    the haircut surprise part. Maybe I should give it a try! haha Anyways,
    keep it up my friend! Have a great week ahead! 😀

  • Love it!  You should get people to surprise you on the actions they take when you coach them to retirement. Does the hair cut make you feel … any different?  

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