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No More Doubts – Numis National PBR Knocked it out of the Park

by skoda on November 16, 2011

They Did it!  Numis Founding Partners Chris Kent and Jake Kevorkian led the First-Ever National PBR on November 15, 2011.  They did two presentations that evening from their Office in Tampa Bay, Florida to eliminate any doubt about the benefits of not only owning a home-based business, but why that business should be the Numis Network. This was the best time to inform everyone you know about the Incredible Numis Network and answer any questions they may have about our impressive business

I watched the presentation with some new reps at “The Money House” in Arroyo Grande on California’s Central Coast.  The Money House is actually Mid-Coast Realty and was graciously provided to us by its owner, Jim LaMarca.  But, the name just felt right for our business since it involves the actual collecting of money.  In other words, we make money by collecting money.  The Timing and Mood just felt right.  It was like we were all just hearing the information for the first time.  Excitement rose around the house and we suddenly got energized to increase the people we talk to each day, increase marketing and most of all we increased our own beliefs that we have an obligation to share this with the world.

Strange…Maybe.  But, all of our questions were answered last night.  We had a room full of Realtors, Doctors, Computer Programmers, Court Employees, Dental Hygienists….the list goes on and on.  Most importantly we are all Entrepreneurs with a common Goal to better our lives by adding real financial security to our future and helping others along the way..

Just Imagine…

Creating the Lifestyle of Your Dreams

Enjoying a Wealthier, Happier Life

Being Positioned In Front of a Massive Global Trend…

And at the same time accumulating a large collection of
the World’s most valuable and desirable silver & gold assets.

  • Backed by a 5 Year 100% Buy Back Guarantee
  • Best of all, you can get them *FREE*!

Numis Network has made it easy! 

As a member of our exclusive Silver Coin of the Month Club,
you’ll receive delivery of a museum quality, perfect condition, certified and graded silver coin produced by one of the World’s leading government mints.


Recently we opened up this opportunity to our friends in the United Kingdom.  Now we have set up shop in the United States, Canada and the UK.  Our Goal is to share this opportunity with the world.  No Matter where you live, there is a way to get involved.  Listen to our Webinars as we teach true Financial Security.  It’s time to get out of debt and on with our lives….  You can even enjoy a little wine and cheese while sharing with others.  Go Make it happen….


It doesn’t get much better than this….  After all everyone collects something..why not collect money.







    Great Article Joey!

    • You said it Nora.  That’s why I have the first picture in my article of you.  We Rocked It!

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