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Network Marketer Robert Tepper Shares at No Excuses

by skoda on May 1, 2012

Robert Tepper is a Successful Network Marketer

I met up with Mr. Robert Tepper in Las Vegas at the Phenomenal “No Excuses Summit III”.  I haven’t really seen him in a year, but anyone who really wanted to stretch their businesses to the next level were here.  It was a similar event with MLSP that brought us to a Mastermind Retreat in Cancun last year.  Our paths keep crossing because we are leaders in our industry.  We BOTH have different backgrounds and expertise and because of the desire to reach out and help others, we stay in touch on a regular basis.

He is a real go-getter and has a very interesting resume.  Rob has  a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford and a Bachelors in Engineering from Duke Universities, and during his successful 30+ year career he started as a technician and rose to Executive Management roles in several companies, including AMCC,, UR Group, Day Elevator & Lift  and the International Academy of English.  His last job (before refocusing his future on Internet Marketing and Real Estate) was as the  Chancellor and Chief Operating Officer of Southern States University, a Southern California University that he grew by 10X and successfully led through National Accreditation (with ACICS) in less than 4 years.  Rob shared with me that he has always liked connecting people, helping and giving back, and he prides himself on helping others succeed.

You can find Rob on facebook at and and also receive a complementary subscription to his Invitation Only Newsletter “Making Money Online in 2012” .

The Power is in attending “Live” Events like NO EXCUSES.  Every company should have their own.  Ensure that you schedule it on your calendar right away.  You never want to miss these.  No Excuses was a Generic Leadership Conference where the Top Leaders from the Industry got together to collaborate and bring True Value to the table for all of us to learn from.  People like Rob and Myself were sitting in the front to absorb all that we could over this 3-day weekend.

One thing to point out is that Most of the Attendees were also MLSP members.  Solid Proof of where the Leaders are coming from.  It was their Cancun Mastermind Retreat that brought Rob, I and so many others together.  Network marketers help each other get ahead.  Totally different mindset from a J O B!

Robert Tepper has the Goods.   You can also catch up with Rob Tepper Here.  Also, find your own Mastermind Group.  It’s an avenue to share ideas and to help each other from making too many mistakes especially financially.  I’ve seen too many people keep to themselves and run out of savings real quick before eventually giving up all together.  It doesn’t have to be that way. Do whatever it takes to Reach YOUR Goals … NOT Someone Else’s!

Let me Coach You!


Mastermind Group


There Should be No Excuses in Your Life.  Stop making someone else rich from your sweat and tears.  Enjoy yourself and your loved ones more often.

Stop the Suffering TODAY……

  • Hi Joseph,
    Collaboration of top leaders is one way of offering prospects value which will be helping them develop their business. Great review on the No Excuses Conference!

    • Thanks Elizabeth.  After attending one of these conferences, it’s easy to discover that we have “No Excuses.”

  • Hambonee

    For the real Rob Tepper, check him out on google, along with Woody Guthrie.

  • Lucy Bieri

    Hi Joseph,

    Wonderful, looks like you Guys had great times, all smiling faces .. Wish I was there.. Like you said,   Network marketers help each other get ahead. that is why I’m glad to be in this industry… Thanks for sharing.


    • You are so right Lucy.  Network Marketers understand that we all must help one another if we are to achieve our own Goals and Desires!  The more people we help the better our lives are! 

  • Key tips to really get to know one and put you first.  Makes you have more ways to create ways to make you memorable and relate to others.  Thanks Joseph for all the tips with Rob. 

    • Rob is truly a Student of the Industry….  Stay tuned for more from Mr. Robert Tepper!

  • Lucy Thuo

    This reminds us just how much we missed.Thanks for sharing this great post on No Excuses Summit III its the true spirit of network marketing.

    • It’s incredible Lucy that we miss so much when we aren’t focused.  See you at the next event!

  • Lisa White

    Great comments and SO TRUE!

    • Thanks Lisa.    These are the facts and nothing but the facts…

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