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Nerium Skin Care is Changing Lives

by skoda on July 14, 2012

Nerium Business Opportunity has Grown Rapidly


Founded in 2006 Nerium Biotechnology Inc. was created to fund research focused on new technology and applications of the nerium oleander plant. During this study they made an accidental discovery that when applying this substance to the skin in a cream form it can have remarkable age reversing effects on the skin. From here the Nerium skincare line was born and since then Nerium has been dedicated to developing life changing products. The proceeds from Nerium AD skincare products go to benefiting scientific research to change lives both in the skincare market but also with cancer research and more.

Today the company is well positioned in the market, with great distribution and the ability to reach many potential customers. They are working on building a globally recognized brand and have plans for new product development and global expansion.

This is where you come in, Nerium international is looking for brand partners to help them expand and to help create job oppurtunities worldwide.

Brand partners can own their own business and are given access to exclusive markets, a proven system and the tools necessary to forge a great business in the skincare market. By working one on one with members of Nerium international you can work to help develop your business with a strong social community and also give you the recognition and rewards as well as lucrative compensation for a job well done. Nerium international was recently recognized by direct selling news as one of the top up-and-coming companies in the relationship marketing industry. With recognition like this you know that this business opportunity is one that is being looked upon by many potential new partners. Getting in while there is still opportunity is extremely important. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to make a difference in your financial and personal life as well as make a difference in the lives of others.

By being a part of the company you will be on the inside track to news and breakthroughs in biotechnology. Their world-class skincare products are not only constantly improving but up to 30% of Nerium International’s Profits are given back directly to fund biotechnology and humanitarian research.

By selling their products you can make a comfortable living for yourself and also ensure the quality research in these fields will be able to continue without running into funding cuts and funding issues. Their life-changing products speak for themselves and knowing that they can create such a revolutionary product gives us hope for the future of biotechnology research.

 I recently met with Dennis Windsor, the President of Nerium.  He is a sincere leader that enjoys hearing the success of members on his Team.  I met him at an event where many of the reps there have not only earned Free iPads, but many also have a Brand-New Lexus in their Driveway also because of this particular company.

If you are interested in becoming a Nerium International brand partner you can find more information HERE:



But like any business model, you will eventually run out of prospects in your Warm Market.  Then what?


Nerium is an excellent company, but most of its reps still need to learn to go and effectively prospect others On and Off line for Maximum Results.  Through my years of Marketing Experience, I find that using a platform like My Lead System Pro to be the Most Beneficial for anyone in Business.  They teach Marketers and Reps how to Brand and Market Themselves in the Market Place.  While they do that, you can earn commissions on Affiliate Products while you build your Business in Nerium or any other Business Venture you choose.  It’s not always about the product, it’s often about the marketing!


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Nerium is Growing exponentially because their product seems to really work.  The Common Testimony and Sales Tools the Reps use are Before and After photos of themselves (NOT Actors).  It’s worth looking into….

  • Ljbmomm

    This product truly works and the company has integrity!   Numis is number one for me, but I love being a part of this skin revolution as well.  I’m SO thankful for network marketing!

    • Both Companies have a lot to bring to the table.  Create and Preserve Money and Look Good doing it!

  • SilverCoinOftheMonth

    The “before” and “after” photos on that website are enough to make anyone run to their nearest credit card and max it out. Ha! Love your motto of “Create and Preserve Money and Look Good doing it!” Nothing wrong with erasing a few years while collecting appreciable assets!

    • SCOTM, I couldn’t agree with you more.  Those pics are pretty impressive!

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