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My Phone Room is Unique

by skoda on March 5, 2013

What Makes My Phoneroom  Unique


These days, everybody is looking for a sure but effortless way to generate income aside from the usual day job.   One is presented with many options from investing in the stock market to part – time based jobs like content writing and, yes networking.   Picking a networking company to join needs a little bit of weighing the company’s good points and bad points.  This article is to help you out by introducing you to My Phoneroom and how it positively differs from the rest.

Every networking business must offer something more than the others in the market.  To succeed in such a business, you need to be aggressive in getting leads through calling people – friends, families, and getting them to convince others to join your line.  You can also acquire leads through the social networks like Facebook, Twitter, or  e-mail groups. This is quite effective because people are connected to you and you are to them, so there is an amount of trust invested between contacts. The power of social networking has done tremendous changes in how a product is received or ignored. And of course nothing beats the direct marketing people to people strategy   because; you can easily confirm the influence created from the person’s reactions and display of interest.   My Phoneroom is designed in such a way that it defies some of the limitations and hindrances into increasing your down lines.

My Phoneroom calls for you. One of the most frustrating tasks in any networking business is calling potential leads to add to your line. You are always held back by apprehensions whether your call will be received or not. You may be afraid that you might ruin the rapport between you and a relative who after ten minutes of small talk did not take the least interest in your business offer.  My Phoneroom affords you this freedom because there is designated staff to handle these tiring calls. All you have to do is relax and know that your business will flourish.

My Phoneroom makes calls for you during the day. People hate it when someone calls them late at nights or just before bedtime. This is another reason why making calls or outbound calls are burdensome.

My Phoneroom will flood you with huge bonus upon joining.  Yes, for us gift and bonus –huggers My Phoneroom gives you a real jackpot deal. An eye-popping 3000 worth of free gifts is added to your account. A member gets a $300 worth of web write-up to help jumpstarting the webpage traffic, an access to secrets and tricks to get leads, and the icing on top gift is the Leadership training course enjoyed by those who earned most from the trade.

My Phoneroom selects potential leads for you.  Instead of wrinkling your forehead into knots, you can lay back and let My Phoneroom does the work for you in screening out the best people that can be leads. My Phoneroom staff has designed a system to efficiently handpick those persons that are interested in this kind of business by using statistics and web resources that are exclusively available for the exclusive My Phoneroom Company.

My Phoneroom offers exciting new features to attract new prospects.  Generated voice mails sent to your mail and which are sent to leads who are not responding to calls. You can also customize the voicemails to encourage higher response rate. My Phoneroom automatically adds the prospect’s contact details to your profile contact directory.

In a nutshell, My Phoneroom is an amazing combination of call-center and intelligent marketing using hands-free, self – sustaining networking system.  This is perfect for those entrepreneurs who have no time and opportunity for web blogging, calling, and recruiting leads. Let My Phone Room Call Center call your Numis, MLSP, Visalus, Amway, Nerium, Empower Network, Herbalife and Organo Gold leads for you.   My Phoneroom allows you more time for other tasks while taking care of important recruitment process.



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