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My Phone Room – Inside Review

by skoda on October 1, 2011

Going Inside My Phone Room

My Phone Room is essentially a professional, full-service call center, which will do the dirty work of prospecting by calling all the leads an individual or a business gets. My Phone Room will then either qualify or disqualify all those leads. One of the tools that My Phone Room is able to offer is that once My Phone Room’s agents are able to qualify a lead, they are able to make a three-way phone call that involves the client and the warm, eager prospect who is interested on one’s business or product.

My Phone Room was founded by J. Joshua Beistle and was launched in August 2009 after several months of development and beta testing. My Phone Room is among one of the many other businesses this man has successfully put up including a social networking site called I Will Prosper, and Instant Increase that offers businesses the opportunity to connect with leads by phoning them within seconds of visiting a client’s website. They also have an eBook titled Red Hot Prospects, and Dream Styles Vacation, which offers its members special fares and discounts on resorts, hotels, airfares, tour packages, and others.


My Phone Room is available in three service packages. There is the My Phone Room Classic Subscription Service,

the My Phone Room Pro Service Program, and the My Phone Room Executive.  Use the one that is best for you and your business.  There is a program designed from the Novice to the Expert Marketer.

The My Phone Room Classic costs $298 and one gets the services of the My Phone Room call center, access to professional scripting, and low rates for live broadcasts. The My Phone Room Pro costs $578 and beyond the Classic level features, this level also has full voice broadcast module, an option for three-way live transfer, and a lead capture page maker. The My Phone Room Executive offers additional features like real time call center connection, and physical follow-ups.

But My Phone Room brags about not only being capable of exploding one’s primary business, My Phone Room also has an affiliate program attached to it that is supposedly capable of bringing in more revenue. Once one has decided to sign up to My Phone Room’s affiliate program, one will be given his own My Phone Room Back Office account from My Phone Room’s own web-based program that has been developed within a proprietary cloud computing system. It is in one’s My Phone Room Back Office where he can, among other things, track such things as page view statistics, number of leads, percentage of conversation, and statistics that shows what actions each and every lead have taken.

There is no fee involved in signing up to My Phone Room’s affiliate program. One does not need to purchase a My Phone Room service program but of course the percentage of commission received by those who have subscribed to a My Phone Room service will be different from those who have not.

Affiliates who have not subscribed to any My Phone Room service get paid a commission of $97 for every Classic, Pro, or Executive package they are able to sell. My Phone Room affiliates who are subscribed to the Classic are paid $100 for their first two sales of any My Phone Room service and

then get $200 for their third and subsequent sales.

My Phone Room affiliates who have the Pro are given a commission of $100 for their first two sales of the My Phone Room Classic and $200 for every sale thereafter. They get $200 for their first two sales of either the My Phone Room Pro or My Phone Room Executive and $400 for every sale thereafter.

Lastly, subscribers of the Executive can earn $200 for every Classic sold, $400 for every Pro sold, $400 for the first two Executive,

and $800 thereafter.  If you really don’t have the time and Absolutely hate “Cold Calling,” then My Phone Room is for you….  Costs will probably go up as more and more people learn about these incredible services.  So…Jump Right in NOW…………..  NEVER Make another Cold Call!




  • Riba_lance

    hey this is the best opportunity  for those who don’t wanna touch the phone.

    • This is an awesome Opportunity for those afraid of Cold Calling or need the professionalism of 3-way calling.  You are so right Riba….

  • Hey Joseph thanks for the review here. Seems like something to take a look at. Thanks for that! 😀

    • It’s a pretty good system.  You tell them who to call and what to say and then they qualify them for you.

  • Awesome resource Joe, never heard of them before – glad you shared this.

    • I haven’t heard of them til a month ago.  Now I get them calling me everyday with a Qualified lead….

  • Nice Joseph. Anyone looking for more leverage should looking into MPR. Good stuff!

    • You are right Brian.   Leverage is the name of the game….

  • Gary Dum

    Another successful outsourcing tool. Thanks for the info
    Gary Dum

  • What’s the difference of using this service and hiring one you trained? I see how many do not know how to train one, and this service would help for that.  

  • Christine Wastell

    Great resource. Jo

  • Hey Joseph, nice review. I’ve been looking into this one myself!

    • It didn’t take long for me to jump on this once I discovered the advantages….

  • Paul Butler

    Hey Joe,
    My Phone room rocks. If you hate calling leads check this out!!
    Paul Butler

    • Hey Paul,  I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • Hey Paul,  I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • Nice review, Joseph, and really great blog. You’re bringing a tremendous amount of value – keep up the great work!

    Steve Hawk

    • Joseph Skoda

      Thanks Steve.   As we learn new tips, we need to share the wealth….

  • Thanks so much for breaking that down. I have heard on my phone room but never knew the different price points.

  • Awesome post Joseph, Well done and thank you for sharing. Warmest Regards Shirley

  • I have heard about this company but never tried it out.  What kinds of success are you having with it currently?

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