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My Lead Company – Unbiased Review

by skoda on February 29, 2012

My Lead Company Review



The My Lead Company is fairly new. In fact, it’s still in the pre-launch phase as the creator; J.R Jackson updates the site and continues development depending on different market changes. Even with that thought, the My Lead Company site is definitely getting some attention among network marketers thanks to its innovative approach to the business.


What is My Lead Company?

As the name suggests, the My Lead Company is basically a site where network marketers can collect leads for their business. However, that’s not the only function of this site. My Lead Company itself is a business opportunity for individuals who want to learn how to earn extra income for their daily needs.

What does My Lead Company do?

So what exactly can this company provide? As anyone who is in the MLM business would say, leads are the secret to success. The more leads a person has, the better would their earning potential be. This is where My Lead Company comes in. The My Lead Company business provides individuals with more lead opportunities, giving them the chance to boost their business and basically create unending earning opportunities.

My Lead Company sells lead packages to other members depending on the amount they need. The good news is that these packages are reasonable priced, ranging from $24.95 to $199.95 for 200 to 5,000 leads every week. The leads themselves are quality leads so users will surely find themselves benefitting from the purchase.

 My Lead Company as a Business

As mentioned, My Lead Company also operates as a business for the individual who decides to join in. To explain this fully, members need to understand that the company is a single-leg-downline. This means that the compensation plan works from the top downwards. Each person that becomes a member of My Lead Company goes down one leg and the others that enroll after that are below the previous individual. This is why if people really want to earn big on My Lead Company, they need to sign up fast!  They promote Get Paid Daily with My Lead Company.

 How is Payment with My Lead Company?

There are basically four ways that a person can earn through the My Lead Company system – aside from buying the leads of course. There is a compensation plan where individuals earn about 50% for the first order. My Lead Company also provides a Daily Infinity Commissions ranging from 5% to 25%, a Founders Pool along 1% and World Wide Bonus Pools. Hence, individuals would find themselves earning repeatedly just for being part of My Lead Company – and staying active of course.

Payment for commissions is done through AlertPay. What is great here is that individuals do not have to wait on a weekly or monthly basis to get their money. Instead, they can simply wait for daily My Lead Company deposits to their account.

All in all, My Lead Company is an innovative method of expanding through the MLM business. Not only has that but the system also provided additional tutorial for those who are just starting with the industry. Through the My Lead Company, individuals would be provided everything they need to know to make it big and attain financial security through MLM.

Even with the instant leads that My Lead Company can provide, it’s important to learn to generate your Own.  This is more rewarding and duplicatable also.

My Lead System Pro is the one that most recommend.


MLSP really shows where the Internet Marketing Future is going and how to best profit.




  • Ritchie

    I have not ever stumbled upon a website which give(s) the leads for free. This is the first time, I am getting this thing to read. 
    Really, valuable leads are the most essential tools for the most of the business which shape up their profits on BPO architecture and rely on effective leads and pitching efficiency. 
    I am sure, your lead company will surely gain success if you provide some quality leads 🙂

  • Aasika

    Your structure for business strategy – “My Lead Company” really rocks, as a business management consultant, one way to boost your productivity in the term course for the regular framework of business continuity over the normal span of the running of the resources – The offer provided for the free leads, is really good because this will give a chance to your customers to identify the type of leads you will be providing, and furthermore will build trust. Well Done, Mate !

  • JK Whites

    Really, having a high quality and quantity of leads is very important specially for a MLM and BPO companies cause their chances of success and failure depends on a large scale in the leads that they get from the provider.
    I am from a BPO company, and I will surely try your Lead company, and getting the free leads just builds my trust and gives me a sense of professionalism about you guys .

    • Leads are important for any Business. Consider using this Platform to Own your own Lead Company!

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