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MLSP vs IMTools (Suite): And the Winner is?

by skoda on January 25, 2012

 Lead Generation:  MLSP vs IMTools (Suite): And the Verdict is?


My Lead System Pro (MLSP) and IMTools (Suite) are “lead generation systems” produced and marketed for Multi Level Marketing (MLM).

MLSP vs IMTools (Suite) is ripe for discussion. MLM is a way by which a website, goods or services can be marketed, at a relatively cheap cost. This article will discuss both the concept of MLM as well as provide a head to head comparison between MLSP vs IMTools (Suite).


MLSP vs IMTools (Suite): What is Multi Level Marketing (MLM)?

MLM a.k.a. pyramid selling, referral marketing, and network marketing is a way by which a seller generates income out of the sale or lease of goods and services and thru referrals or the number of members signed up. In essence the sales agent earns income thru selling and membership fee generated by his or her referrals.


MLSP vs IMTools (Suite): Creators

MLSP was created by Brian Fanale, Norbert Orlewicz, and Todd Schlomer. Collectively all three have more than a decade of marketing, selling and marketing experience. Internet Marketing Tools or IMTools (Suite) was founded by Cedrick Harris, Jim Chao, Kenny Gregg and Jeff Long. Their main selling point is to provide a wider range of internet as well as provide old school attraction marketing.


MLSP vs IMTools (Suite): MLSP Offering

  • Lead capturing campaigns
  • Website branding
  • Auto responder service
  • Split-testing
  • Tracking
  • Customization
  • Audio video training and tutorial
  • Live weekly webinars
  • 24/7 live chat and email support


MLSP vs IMTools (Suite): IMTools (Suite): Offering

  • Capture page creator
  • Video and email capability
  • Voice and text broadcaster with auto responder
  • Built in contact manager
  • Real time live chat and web conferencing
  • Face book auto greeter system
  • Easy video hosting
  • E-sig creator
  • QR code generator
  • Webinar on demand
  • Live web show


MLSP vs IMTools (Suite): IMTools (Suite): IT figures

MLSP boasts of over $1.8 million paid to sellers in affiliate commission over the past 28 months. This translates to roughly 850,000 leads generated. IMTools (Suite) on the other hand base their success on the overwhelming number of testimonials, tweets, favorites, likes, etc. They have been receiving ever since they started business.


MLSP vs IMTools (Suite): Price

MLSP sells for $49.95. However for those who are not yet convinced MLSP offers a 14 day trial period for $9.95 which is completely refundable if and when the user deems MLSP unfit for their purposes. IMTools (Suite) also offers a similar 14 days trial period for $5.00 which is also refundable, after which the full price for the service is $67.


MLSP vs IMTools (Suite): In Closing

Who is the clear winner? In the end the user has to look at each product and determine what is best based on the exact specification of their particular brand of MLM. In the final analysis MLSP vs IMTools (Suite) is more a question of preference, time spent tweaking the product, budget constraints and services required. Therefore the real winner in MLSP vs IMTools (Suite) is the user who is given a choice between two competing brands.


From My Own Experience, I appreciate the easy format MSLP uses to help new Networkers make money even if nobody gets involved with their Primary Company.  The focus on Real-Time Training for all Reps and they have the Market on Affiliate Incomes that add additional income to the Newbie and Veteran Networker alike.  Check out:  Why MLSP and Why Now!  This GI Joe Marketer endorses My Lead System Pro (MLSP).


  • Nice comparison review. I would go with MLSP.

    • Joseph Skoda

      You are so Right Thomas.   MLSP Rocks!

  • Yes, I agree Joseph! For the cost you can’t go wrong with MLSP and in my option there is no better system for a new marketer and of course the history they have going for it.

    • Joseph Skoda

      I agree Neal.  MLSP has a solid Foundation for any Marketer!

  • Great post.  You have to justify really what you are going to use in your marketing.  They do offer some unique products.  So know what you will utilize.  Thanks for sharing your insights.

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