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MBA -vs- Network Marketing

by skoda on December 20, 2011

Which is Better?  Network Marketing  – vs – MBA

Most of us were told to get good grades in school so that we could go to a good college and use that degree for a good job.  Then we find ourselves upwards of $30 thousand dollars in debt before we get that job which usually isn’t even the job or career that we went to school for.

I did those things, but was fortunate that the United States Air Force picked up most of my tuition tab for me.  Even though I made it up the ranks in my career and earned several college degrees including Masters of Business (MBA), that didn’t guarantee me success in the “Real” World.  I got “good” grades and have even achieved a PhD in Psychology but I was still struggling looking for that perfect job once I left the military.  Often I was told that I was Overqualified for a position.  I found this awkward since the job was often in a field I had little experience with.

Since leaving the Air Force a few years ago I also looked in augmenting my military retirement with an Online Business using Network Marketing.  Sure there were cost involved and lots more work than I anticipated.  But let’s compare.

Four years at a University earning a Bachelor’s Degree could easily cost $10 thousand dollars each year making the total after 4-years of $40 thousand dollars.  A full-time workload could easily take 30-40 hours a week just to pass the program.  When you get that diploma in hand the real stress begins looking for suitable work to support yourself AND pay back any student loans.  You actually MUST find a way to beat out your competition in the job market to get ahead.

Most Network Marketers start at a part-time pace learning all they can about their company and techniques of marketing on and off-line.  It may take a year or two before they are able to quit their jobs and work there Network Marketing business full-time.  Several thousand dollars can easily be spent learning the new tricks of the trade or acquiring powerful Marketing Systems during this time.  Many will attend functions and network and create relationships with other like-minded people adding to their knowledge base.  You MUST network with others to get ahead in your business.

I am thankful for my MBA and the education that came with it.  But most of earn degrees to find successful and rewarding careers.  I am most thankful for the relationships (and income) I’ve developed with Network Marketing.  Find true leaders and mentors along the way to help you along your journey.

After years of experience and my own research, I have found that getting involved with the ONLY MLM company involved with Gold and Silver Assets to be the way to go.  The Numis Network pays you for collecting money and then the Government gives you a Tax Break for collect money.  Numis is a Win-Win for Wealth Building.

The Best advice I can give is to go get an education.  Formal or Informal Education can be very rewarding.  Find your passion and become a student of the business.


  • Vivian Randall

    Interesting read. As a college student already in debt, I can definitely relate to this. Working online has always appealed to me, however its really difficult to find out where to start or whats real and whats not.

    • You are so right Vivian.   Education is an important foundation for success period.  We must do our own research and follow through with our desires….

  • Education is a very important asset to have. But all too often a college degree alone won’t put you where you want to be in your career. It takes just the right combination of hard work, knowing the right people, and natural ability to get where you want to be in a field. 

    • Eric Cato

      I know just what you mean Steve. It’s always drilled into the minds of youngsters that all you have to do is get good grades, go to college and your dream job will just fall into your lap. When in the real world, often your degree with have nothing to do with the career you will have. And getting your dream job take a lot of effort and luck. 

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