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Matt Lloyd’s IM Revolution Handbook Review

by skoda on September 17, 2012

The IM Revolution Handbook

“How To Get Instant Access To The “Revolutionary” New Business Model That Can Make You $10,000 Per Month”

Matt Lloyd has a cushy office in Perth, Australia. Maybe you’ve heard of him, maybe not.


Whatever the case, I should tell you now that the little online business that he started out of his bedroom back in November 2008 has just hit $150,000 PER MONTH.


In this book, he reveals to you the biggest misconception of the Internet marketing industry… that only 3% (the top earners) know about.

You’ll discover the single reason why you’re not making as much money as you’d like in your business…And, he’ll reveal the exact business model he uses which generates over $80,000.00 in cash each month…and how YOU can cash in on it too!

The truth is, building an online business is very hard work, and it’s rarely as easy as the ‘gurus’ make out. Now don’t get me wrong, of course there are shortcuts and easier ways to make money online than being stuck to your computer for years at a time. But, if you’re going to go down the traditional route of making money online (like most people do, and which I don’t recommend) there’ll be times when you find this really hard.

===>   In fact, 97% of people who get started online, fail.


Shocking I know, but industry figures show that the chances of success are less than 3%. Can you imagine that? Anyone who tells you that Internet Marketing is easy is in fact lying to you.                                             It’s really hard work.


Back in the early 2000s, Google Adwords provided all the traffic you could ever want‐ and the industry was wide open, meaning highly profitable months were very possible…but all that has now changed and the margins on affiliate marketing are too small to profit properly.

So in reality, if you want to make a 6 or 7 figure income online, you’re going to need to create your own info‐products, and your own sales funnels, since this is where the money is…or is it? In his book he tells you WHY even though this is highly profitable, it’s also the hardest, most expensive and time consuming method to make money online…

Making money online really boils down to this:

Traffic + Conversion = Sales

      Again: Traffic + Conversions = Sales


Most (especially newbies) think it’s: Traffic = Sales


“You have to be able to take the traffic your marketing machine pulls in and send it

through a sales process that makes it more valuable to you than the value the market

placed on it. And if you don’t have that capability yet, then you need to make some


Rich Schefren


Running a business requires a whole new set of skills to working on a job… “the good news is, you’re the boss, the bad news is, you’re the boss”


You shouldn’t do this alone… you’ll need staff.  You need a team. You need a customer support desk, assistants, etc…

Here are the 4 things he did differently than most people online:


1.) Phone Follow Up

I have a confession: I hate selling. I never liked the idea of picking up the phone, calling people back, and asking them for money… but, I also knew that there were some people on my list, who just would not buy unless they actually spoke to someone. – and then (and this is key) I’d ASK for the order.  Here is a Quick option to have Your Own Call Center – Try My Phone Room!


2.) Multiple Products

After he did my first product, he thought he had it made. One of your jobs as a marketer is to capture as much as their spending as you can. Whether you get that money, or your competitor gets the money, we know for a fact that someone’s getting it, so it may as well be you.


3.) High Ticket Programs

This is a big deal for everyone as it opened my eyes to what was really possible. So what did Matt sell for $10,000? It basically set someone up in business‐ he’d create their product for them, and automated selling webinar to continuously make them sales, etc. In the end, it was way too under‐priced for all the work that was actually put into it…


4.) Partner Program

Late 2011, he created his own affiliate program‐ where others could promote some of his products, and earn a 50% commission. It was one of the smartest things I ever did. As I said before, if you want to get wealthy, you’ve got to figure out how to leverage the efforts of other people, and also how to leverage money.


Fixed Cost Vs. Performance Based Media…


Before you even think about spending a cent on traffic, you need to know the differences between these two types of media. If you don’t‐ you’re doomed to spend more than you bring in, like 97% of people in this industry do.


A proven sales funnel is your very own funded proposal and literally pays for the

leads you generate, meaning you profit very quickly as traffic quickly turn into



Matt Lloyd has BIG ambitions for his “My Online Business Empire” (MOBE) Program and wants to grow this to a $20 million company in the next two years…

The question is, will you be a key player in that vision?

Remember: Traffic + Conversions = Sales


“I Make My Own Rules, Answer To No One
…and I’m Not Even 30 Years Old.”

–      Matt Lloyd


The IM Revolution Handbook reveals the “nuts and bolts” of my proven business model – how it works, how it converts your leads into sales, and how you get paid for being a part of it.

Matt says, The information in this manual has taken him years and over $150,000 to produce. It contains many of the most closely-guarded secrets of the Top 3%.


 Get Matt’s IM Revolution Handbook Here while the Price is Still Ridiculously Low!

  • Paul Butler

    Very Cool Joe.

    I will have to check him out. Thanks for the head up bro!

    Paul Butler

    • You betcha Paul. Matt Lloyd is tearing it up and he made his blueprint for success available for us!

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