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Loyalty Cashback Program

by skoda on November 20, 2012

Loyalty Cashback Program


Everybody enjoys shopping. Men and women both shop for food, clothes, accessories and luxuries with equal eagerness and satisfaction. But, what if buying these items becomes more rewarding by earning cash back on every purchase?  And even more on every purchase of every person who you share the program with, and who they share it with, and on and on with no limit?  Does that sound amazing?  This Cashback Program will show you all about it.

Loyalty Cashback Program: Background

The company refers to an independent and international “shopping community” that has created a rewards program for members’ purchases from any of its 20,000 plus loyalty merchants. Members get money back (hence the “cashback”) from every purchase from the loyalty merchants, coining the company motto, “together, we are strong”.

This multibillion, international marketing company is based in Europe, but now is actively operating in the US, South America, Australia, Asia, Canada, the Middle East, and South Africa.

The “expansion” part in the Loyalty Cashback Business” refers to its expansion into 40 countries where it is now operating, with plans to be in over 100 countries in the next 24 months.

Currently only 3 Million Shoppers worldwide are benefiting from this program, but the company is working towards reaching out to 350 Million Shoppers by 2018.  Now…that’s powerful.

This company gives back to the environment and families alike in special programs designed to keep both happy and healthy.

Loyalty Cashback Program: Benefits

Membership offers huge benefits for shoppers. A quick look at its loyalty merchants will show hotels, food and dining, clothing, health and fitness, medicine, beauty shops, automobiles, electronics, and so much more. By the way, it’s Free to sign up as a customer.  Members get cash back buying goods or services that they already buy, and at many of the same stores where they are already shopping. Some of our merchants include Calloway Golf, Walmart and American Airlines. The company also utilizes a proven member loyalty program compensation structure.

Loyalty Cashback Program: How it Works

This Company has shown you the concept; now it will show you how this program operates. Anyone who would like to join will treat their membership like a bank account.

Members deposit money which will be credited to all purchases they make. These act as debit cards that will be used for the loyalty merchants’ products and services.

Loyalty Cashback Program: Last Thoughts

Earning more and saving while shopping is an exciting approach. And make no mistake about it—this works. Who wouldn’t want to get money back from each purchase of the things they love?

This is the only program of its kind offering cash back from stores and items that you already purchase with an opportunity to receive extra cash from members all around the world who also need to shop.  Consumers like receiving cash back, merchants like receiving more customers and entrepreneurs like the unlimited income that this program offers.

Check out the Loyalty Program Here!


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