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Basic Principles of Leadership and the importance of finding the right one for different aspects of our lives


Leadership is an art. It is the specialty and innate quality of an individual that drives him and others along with him to success. It is the unifying source that turns individuals into a team. A team that achieves something extraordinary. Leaders make things happen. Just getting the desired results is not leadership. It is the path taken to get to the end point with the help of others that represents leadership. Leaders inspire people, they motivate and lead them to create something new.


Many people think that they know what leadership means. However, only a few can correctly define it. People around the world associate leadership with management. These are two different things. Management or administration as it can be called is overseeing that things are working properly. Leadership, on the other hand, refers to leading people. Inspiring them with a particular vision. Another thing that people confuse leadership with is the rank in a company and the title next to one’s name. Being a CEO or any other top executive does not make you a leader. Nothing holds you back if you want to be a leader. Salary, looks and qualities are all secondary to the skills of leadership.


A leader must share his/her vision in words that can be comprehended by their devotees.  A pioneer must discover a procedure that could lead them to their goal. They should empower others to act. Provide their followers the instruments, expert, and techniques to take care of issues themselves. Most importantly, they should lead from the front. When the going gets tough, this is when they should take the matter into their own hands.

Following are the principles of leadership:


  • Be competent. Being a leader you must have command over our own job first of all. It is also vital to understand your co-worker’s jobs. Make timely and sound decisions.
  • Always look to improve. Whatever you are doing right now could be done in a better way. Seek efficiency and responsibility. Guide people around you. Take the blame if things go wrong. Encourage others and promote them if everything is working out smoothly.
  • Lead by example. Follow your vision. You can always make money later on. Make an impact. Challenge yourself and other who follow you. Never settle for something ordinary.
  • Communication is the key. Know how to speak with people around you. Socialize. Indulge everyone around you. Make them believe that they are important. Develop a sense of responsibility and accountability. Always make sure that your people understand what you expect from them. Only this way they can carry out the tasks assigned to them effectively.
  • Promote unity in your team. Back each other fully.


Leadership is required in all aspects of life. Be it politics, social affairs, sports, running an organization and even doing a job. Some types of leadership are democratic, autocratic, team, transformation and strategic. Various leadership skills are required in different aspects of our lives. This is where people lack behind. They don’t know what to do when faced with different situations. This is exactly where I come in. With my expertise, knowledge, and experience I can help you “win”.

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